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  2. History of Japan - Wikipedia

    Prehistoric and ancient Japan. Paleolithic period. Main article: Japanese Paleolithic. Japan at the Last Glacial Maximum in the Late Pleistocene about 20,000 years ago. – regions ... Jōmon period. Yayoi period. Kofun period (c. 250–538)

  3. Japan - History | Britannica

    Japan - Japan - History: It is not known when humans first settled on the Japanese archipelago. It was long believed that there was no Paleolithic occupation in Japan, but since World War II thousands of sites have been unearthed throughout the country, yielding a wide variety of Paleolithic tools.

  4. Japan is a large, highly industrialized island nation located off the eastern shore of Asia. Japan's captivating history includes samurai warriors, the bushido code, the Meiji Restoration, the...

  5. Japan: Key Facts and History
    • Capital and Major Cities.
    • Government. Japan has a constitutional monarchy, headed by an emperor. The current emperor is Akihito; he wields very...
    • Population. Japan is home to about 126,672,000 people. Today, the country suffers from a very low birth rate, making it...
    • Languages. The vast majority of Japan's citizens (99 percent) speak Japanese...
  6. Japanese History -
    • Early Japan (until 710)
    • Nara and Heian Periods (710-1192)
    • Kamakura Period (1192-1333)
    • Muromachi Period (1338-1573)
  7. A Brief History of Japan |

    The Emergence of Japan The first humans to inhabit Japan walked over from the mainland around 35,000 BCE at a time when the northwestern tip of Hokkaido was connected to the eastern extremities of Russia. Evidence of cord-marked pottery…


    The first inhabitants of Japan, migrating from the mainland, bring with them their own version of the shamanismwhich prevails in prehistoric Asia. To the pantheon of the spirits and forces of nature, the Japanese add famous people, significant places or any other phenomena seeming worthy of reverence.

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