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      • Further information: History of Nepal and Kingdom of Nepal The Kingdom of Nepal was founded on 25 September 1768 by Prithvi Narayan Shah, a Gorkha king who succeeded in unifying the kingdoms of Kathmandu , Patan , and Bhaktapur into a single state under his Shah dynasty. The Kingdom of Nepal was de jure an absolute monarchy for most of its history.
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  2. Gyanendra Bir Bikram Shah. The King of Nepal (traditionally known as the Mahārājdhirāja i.e. Great King of Kings; it can also be translated as "Sovereign Emperor" ( Nepali: श्री ५ महाराजधिराज )) was Nepal 's head of state and monarch from 1768 to 2008. He served as the head of the Nepalese monarchy— Shah Dynasty.

  3. The King in Nepal is seen as a Living God, the reincarnation of Lord Vishnu. Late King Birendra was very popular and deeply loved by the people of Nepal who were greatly shocked and saddened by the news and it took quite a long time for the countrymen to come out from their self mourning.

  4. The first king of Gopal dynasty was King Bhuktaman. Eight Gopal kings ruled over Nepal for 521 years. The last king of Gopal dynasty was Yaksha Gupta. Rule of Mahishpal dynasty in the history of Nepal: After Gopals, Mahishpals came to power. They were also called Ahir or Abhir. The last king of Gopal dynasty, Yaksha Gupta was childless.

  5. History of Nepal is recorded centered on the Kathmandu valley and begins with the Kirantis who is said to have ruled for many centuries beginning from the 7th or 8th Century B.C. with their famous King Yalumber who is even mentioned in the epic, ‘Mahabharata’. The Gopalas who were herdsmen are believed to have ruled before the Kirantis but little is known about them.

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