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  1. The earliest history of Samoa concerns a political center in the easternmost Samoan islands of Manu'a, under the rule of the Tui Manu'a. In the Cook Islands to the east, the tradition is that Karika, or Tui Manu'a 'Ali'a, came to the Cook Islands from Manu'a; suggesting that the rest of Polynesia was settled from Manu'a and Samoa.

  2. The pre-Western history of Eastern Samoa (now American Samoa) is inextricably bound with the history of Western Samoa (now independent Samoa). The Tui Manu'a is not one of the oldest Samoan titles in Samoa. Traditional oral literature of Samoa and Manu'a talks of a widespread Polynesian network or confederacy (or "empire

  3. Identification. Oral tradition holds that the Samoan archipelago was created by the god Tagaloa at the beginning of history. Until 1997, the western islands were known as Western Samoa or Samoa I Sisifo to distinguish them from the nearby group known as American Samoa or Amerika Samoa.

  4. Logan's report on his administration of Western Samoa, 8 August 1919, IT 1/1/1D. The influenza pandemic had a significant impact on New Zealand's administration of Samoa. Many older matai (chiefs) died, making way for new leaders more familiar with European ways. For survivors, the incident was seared into memory.

  5. Nov 23, 2020 · Samoa is a Polynesian island nation comprising of two large islands of Saval ‘I and Upolu and 8 small islets, located in the South Pacific Ocean. Samoa is situated roughly halfway between Hawaii and New Zealand. Samoa lies to the south of the Equator and is geographically positioned in the Western hemisphere and Southern hemisphere of the Earth.

  6. Feb 25, 2021 · American Samoa – an unincorporated and unorganized island territory of the United States is located in the South Pacific Ocean. It is geographically positioned in the Western and Southern hemispheres of the Earth. American Samoa is situated to the east of Samoa, to the southwest of Hawaii and to the northeast of New Zealand.


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