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  2. Cable television began in the United States as a commercial business in 1950, although there were small-scale systems by hobbyists in the 1940s.. The early systems simply received weak channels, amplified them, and sent them over unshielded wires to the subscribers, limited to a community or to adjacent communities.

  3. The history of advertising has experienced several major milestones – think the emergence of the printing press in the 1440s, or the huge impact of television. Since its very first beginnings, which are thought to date back to steel carvings made by the ancient Egyptians, advertising has constantly had to adapt and change to suit new mediums ...

  4. Jun 22, 2021 · Vladimir K. Zworykin was born in Russia and became a pioneer of television technology with the development of a kinescope, which recorded images on motion picture film. In 1926, John Logie Baird gave a public demonstration of a television system in London; two years later, the first television stations launched.

  5. In Depth with Peter Baker and Susan Glasser. Peter Baker (New York Times) and Susan Glasser (New Yorker) join Book TV to talk and take calls about Russia, the Trump administration, U.S. foreign ...

  6. When the Federal Trade Commission finds a case of fraud perpetrated on consumers, the agency files actions in federal district court for immediate and permanent orders to stop scams; prevent fraudsters from perpetrating scams in the future; freeze their assets; and get compensation for victims.When consumers see or hear an advertisement, whether it’s on the Internet, radio or television, or ...

  7. Both Brin and Page had been against using advertising pop-ups in a search engine, or an "advertising funded search engines" model, and they wrote a research paper in 1998 on the topic while still students. They changed their minds early on and allowed simple text ads. By the end of 1998, Google had an index of about 60 million pages.

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