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      • European colonization of the Bronx began in 1639. The Bronx was originally part of Westchester County , but it was ceded to New York County in two major parts (West Bronx, 1874 and East Bronx, 1895) before it became Bronx County.
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  2. The Bronx's oldest home is constructed The Bronx's oldest home is the Van Cortlandt House, constructed in 1748 by Frederick Van Cortlandt. Its history is fairly illustrious—George Washington slept there during the Revolutionary War, and the city's records were hidden there in 1776—and it became a museum in 1897. 1848 The High Bridge opens

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    Colonial Bronx to the 19th Century Henry Hudson, probably the first European to see the shoreline, sought cover in 1609 from a storm for his vessel the Halve Maen in Spuyten Duyvil Creek. The eastern shore was described by Adriaen Block, the first European to navigate the East River in 1614.

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    The Bronx is one of the five boroughs that make-up New York City and is the only borough that is not on an island. The Bronx is referred to, colloquially and legally as “The Bronx”. It is located northeast of Manhattan, the Bronx was estimated to have a population of 1,373,659 residents on July 1, 2007 by the US Census Bureau.

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    1639 – Jonas Bronck, a Swedish sea captain living in the Netherlands, becomes the first settler in The Bronx, along with his wife and a handful of German, Dutch, and Danish indentured servants. 1642 – John Throckmorton comes from Rhode Island with a group of settlers to live on Throg’s Neck.

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    The history of the Bronx during the 20th century may be divided into four periods: a boom period during 1900–29, with a population growth by a factor of six from 200,000 in 1900 to 1.3 million in 1930. The Great Depression and post World War II years saw a slowing of growth leading into an eventual decline.

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    European contact with the Bronx first occurred almost 400 years ago. In 1609, Henry Hudson, probably the first European to see the shoreline, sought cover from a storm for his vessel the Halve...

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    Apr 11, 2016 · Though it's only been a part of Greater New Yorker (otherwise known as the five boroughs) since 1898, the Bronx has a much longer history than that—one that goes way further back than when Henry...

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    Sep 17, 2016 · In the second part of the Bowery Boys’ Bronx Trilogy — recounting the entire history of New York City’s northernmost borough — we focus on the years between 1875 and 1945, a time of great evolution and growth for the former pastoral areas of Westchester County.

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