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  1. 2010 Guatemala City sinkhole - Wikipedia

    Overall, the risk of sinkholes occurring in Guatemala City is high and unpredictable. One recent, similar sinkhole had collapsed in 2007, forming a pit 100 metres deep. The 2007 Guatemala City sinkhole was formed by fluid from a sewer eroding uncemented volcanic ash, limestone, and other pyroclastic deposits underlying Guatemala City.

  2. Great Guatemalan Sinkhole – Guatemala City, Guatemala - Atlas ...

    On Sunday, May 30, 2010, an enormous hole, 60 feet wide and 30 stories deep, opened up in the middle of Guatemala City, swallowing a three-story building, a home, and local reports claimed that ...

  3. Sinkhole in Guatemala: Giant Could Get Even Bigger

    Jun 03, 2010 · The 2010 Guatemala sinkhole could have formed in a similar fashion, Currens said. A burst sanitary or storm sewer may have been slowly saturating the surrounding soil for a long time before ...

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  4. Guatemala City residents fearful after factory disappears ...

    Jun 03, 2010 · Guatemala City residents have been warned to prepare for further sinkholes after a natural disaster swallowed an entire crossroads and a three-storey textile factory last weekend, leaving a ...

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  5. Guatemala Sinkhole Created by Humans, Not Nature

    Jun 05, 2010 · But there is no limestone beneath the section of Guatemala City where the new sinkhole appeared, at least not at the depth at which the hole formed, Bonis said.

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  7. A three-storey building has collapsed and fell into a huge sink hole in Guatemala City. The giant 200ft-deep crater appeared after Guatemala was hit by tropi...

  8. Sinkhole - Wikipedia

    A sinkhole, also known as a cenote, sink, sink-hole, swallet, swallow hole, or doline (the different terms for sinkholes are often used interchangeably), is a depression or hole in the ground caused by some form of collapse of the surface layer.

  9. Deep Hole In Guatemala - YouTube

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  10. The Hole in the Ground (2019) - IMDb

    Feb 26, 2019 · Directed by Lee Cronin. With Seána Kerslake, James Quinn Markey, Kati Outinen, David Crowley. A single mother living in the Irish countryside with her son begins to suspect he may not be her son at all, and fears his increasingly disturbing behavior is linked to a mysterious sinkhole in the forest behind their house.

  11. Why Sinkholes Appear and How to Fix Them

    Jul 17, 2013 · They should check frequently for small holes in the ground or cracks in a structure's foundation. If you live in an area with soluble rock, check local and state geological surveys for more ...