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    The Hominidae (/ h ɒ ˈ m ɪ n ɪ d iː /), whose members are known as great apes or hominids (/ ˈ h ɒ m ɪ n ɪ d z /), are a taxonomic family of primates that includes eight extant species in four genera: Pongo, the Bornean, Sumatran and Tapanuli orangutan; Gorilla, the eastern and western gorilla; Pan, the common chimpanzee and the bonobo; and Homo, of which only modern humans remain.

  2. The hominids are members of the biological family Hominidae (the great apes). This includes humans , chimpanzees , gorillas and orangutans . [2] " Great ape" is a common name rather than a taxonomic label and there are differences in usage.

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    Homininae, also called "African hominids" or "African apes", is a subfamily of Hominidae. It includes two tribes, with their extant as well as extinct species: 1) the tribe Hominini (with the genus Homo including modern humans and numerous extinct species; the subtribe Australopithecina, comprising at least two extinct genera; and the subtribe Panina, represented only by the genus Pan, which ...

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    The Hominidae (/ h ɒ ˈ m ɪ n ᵻ d iː /), whose members are kent as great apes or hominids, are a taxonomic faimily o primates that includes seiven extant species in fower genera: Pongo, the Bornean and Sumatran orangutan; Gorilla, the eastren an wastren gorilla; Pan, the common chimpanzee an the bonobo; an Homo, the human (an tho no extant, the near-human ancestors an relatives (e.g., the ...

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    Hominidae is a specialized name but it is not rare or uncommon.·maunus · snunɐɯ· 21:32, 8 June 2015 (UTC) Well, by comparison Hominidae is less common in usage than "great ape(s)". Also, Hominidae is far less recognizable/familiar in general, as compared to "great ape". Khestwol 17:15, 19 June 2015 (UTC) Date range conflict

  6. Homininae is a subfamily of Hominidae, which includes humans, gorillas, and chimpanzees. Most importantly, it also includes extinct human relatives such as Ardipithecus, Australopithecus, and earlier species of the genus Homo. It includes all those hominid species which arose after the split from the other great apes.

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    Mar 07, 2018 · The hominids are the members of the biological family Hominidae (the great apes), which includes humans, chimpanzees, gorillas, and orangutans. The exact criteria for membership in the Homininae ...

  8. A hominid is a member of the family Hominidae: all of the great apes. A hominine is a member of the subfamily Homininae: gorillas, chimpanzees, humans (excludes orangutans). A hominin is a member of the tribe Hominini: including humans. A hominan is a little used term for a sub-tribe. A human is a member of Homo sapiens.

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    May 18, 2020 · Translingual: ·A taxonomic family within the order Primates – the great apes; chimpanzees, gorillas, orangutans, humans and extinct relatives

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    Australopithecus garhi is a gracile australopithecine species discovered in Ethiopia. The remains of this hominin are believed to be a human ancestor species, and perhaps the ancestor of the human genus Homo.