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  1. 1. Okay, I'll help! 3. I'll see what I can do. Run east to the second bridge, use a plank on it. ...

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    Getting started

    Items required: 60 steel nails, a hammer, 2 planks, swamp tar, a tinderbox, molten glass, 1 of each elemental rune, 1 arrow, and 1 sword.

    Start by speaking to Larrissa outside of the lighthouse (north of Barbarian Outpost). A fairy ring is right next to the lighthouse (fairy ring code ALP).

    NOTE: Bring food due to the basalt platform having a high failure rate with low level agility.

    Fixing the lighthouse

    After speaking to Larrissa, go down south of her jumping across the basalt

    2 Quest points

    4662.5 Magic experience

    4662.5 Strength experience

    4662.5 Ranged experience

    A damaged book of your choice which, when complete, will become: a Holy book (Saradomin), an Unholy book (Zamorak), or a Book of balance (Guthix).

    Since 3 March 2016, it is possible to purchase all the books from Jossik for 5,000 coins each, even if you have not filled your other book(s).

    Unlike most quests, the reward screen for Horror from the Deep says 'You have survived the Horror from the Deep!' rather than 'You have completed Horror from the Deep!'

    While in instanced versions of the lighthouse, you no longer see the fairy ring outside which was added later.

    • Short
    • 2 min
    • Experienced
  2. Dagannoth (Horror from the Deep) - OSRS Wiki Dagannoth (Horror from the Deep) A Dagannoth is fought in the Lighthouse basement, before the Dagannoth mother during Horror from the Deep. It only uses melee attacks, and can be safespotted by trapping it behind rocks in the basement.

  3. Horror from the Deep is directly required for the following quests/miniquests: Blood Runs Deep Recipe for Disaster Recipe for Disaster: Defeating the Culinaromancer It is therefore an indirect requirement for the following quests and miniquests: v • d • e Horror from the Deep Categories: Quick guides Horror from the Deep

  4. Horror from the Deep Medium Kandarin Diary Scorpion Catcher Trivia After completing all bar crawl locations, you will be unable to read the bar crawl card as you will be "too drunk." After drinking in Brimhaven, it says you think you see two bartenders signing two barcrawl cards.

    Drink Name
    Cost (coins)
    South-central Varrock
    Uncle Humphrey's Gutrot
    1st floor[UK] 2 nd floor [ US] of the ...
    Fire Toad Blast
    Brimhaven (south-west of Brimhaven ...
    Fire Brandy
    • Go to bars and buy alcohol.
    • Medium
    • Novice
  5. Nov 4, 2018 · OSRS Horror From The Deep - RuneScape Guide - RuneHQ Horror From The Deep Description: Contact with Jossik, the lighthouse keeper, has come to a standstill and the council needs someone to discover what has happened. Why isn't this beautiful and vital landscape stopped working, and where is Jossik? Difficulty: Experienced Length: Short

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