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  1. World War II Pictures In Details: December 2012 › 2012 › 12

    It shows a large gathering of workers at the Blohm + Voss shipyard in Hamburg, for the launching of the Navy training ship Horst Wessel. Everyone in the image has raised his or her arm in the Nazi salute, with the exception of a man toward the back of the crowd, who grimly stands with his arms crossed over his chest.

  2. 4768 Recipients of the 1939 Iron Cross First Class › Ek1-Trager › A-Z

    horst: 5/09/1941: major (when rk-oaks) lw: publication: biblioverlag die eltrÄger ... (5.staffel zerstÖrergeschwader 26 “horst wessel”) www.janssen-militaria ...

  3. Characterization of oxalic acid derivatives as new ... › science › article

    May 01, 2006 · Characterization of oxalic acid derivatives as new metabolites of metamizol (dipyrone) in incubated hen's egg and human Author links open overlay panel Julia C. Wessel a Magdalena Matyja a Michael Neugebauer b Heiko Kiefer b Thomas Daldrup c Fuad A. Tarbah c Horst Weber a

    • Julia C. Wessel, Magdalena Matyja, Michael Neugebauer, Heiko Kiefer, Thomas Daldrup, Fuad A. Tarbah,...
    • 22
    • 2006
  4. Germany (1933-1945, Third Reich) - › persons › country

    Germany (1933-1945, Third Reich) Italy (1860-1946, Kingdom) Japan (1868-present, Empire) Netherlands, the (1815-present, Kingdom) Soviet Union (1922-1991, Socialist Republic) United Kingdom (1801-present, Kingdom) United States (1776 - present, Republic) Awards All countries; Belgium (1830-present, Constitutional Monarchy)

  5. Germany (1933-1945, Third Reich) - › persons › country

    Looking for reliable information or news facts about WW2? Do you want to create your own battlefield tour to sights of wars from the past? Or are you interested in war medals and their recipients?

  6. Horst Böshagen, Walter Geiger and Bodo Junge, Reaction of 1‐α‐Cyano‐1‐deoxynojirimycin with Grignard Compounds—Complete Exchange of the CN— Group, Angewandte Chemie International Edition in English, 20, 9, (806-807), (2003).

  7. Genealogy research Glückstadt, Steinburg, Slesvig-Holsten ... › census1803 › sogn2716

    Genealogy research in 'Glückstadt, Steinburg, Slesvig-Holsten'? This is your link to the past. Census data, Churchbooks, military levy rolls, search facilities, family lists and map of Glückstadt, Steinburg, Slesvig-Holsten - Eveything is here.

  8. Verwundetenabzeichen 1939 in Schwarz - › awards › 1449

    Verwundetenabzeichen 1939 in Schwarz. This award is slightly different than the Spanish Wound Badge, because the crossway placed swords are somewhat broader and the new steel helmed type, the M35 model is used for this badge.

  9. Eisernes Kreuz 2. Klasse - › awards › 81

    Eisernes Kreuz 2. Klasse. At the beginning of the Second World War, the Iron Cross 2nd Class was still highly regarded. In later war years however it was rewarded with much more ease. Still most recipients would wear the award with the same amount of proud ness.

  10. Ergebnisse PSK World Club Show Leipzig 10.11.2017 › psk2 › ergebnisse

    DJ Horst von der Schwalmaue - Beauty vom Röderauer Elbland Z: Silke Fey, E: Roger Barge: 38. V4: LUX CH Hickson Phantasos Dream vid Dreamtasos(IMP SWED), AS0900775, 19.1.14, 968000010166792 Hickson Matrix of Milo at Brintala (IMP SWED) - Hickson Jinxed by Java (SWED CH) Z: Mrs J Maard, E: Sally Clark: 39. SG

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