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  1. Der Verlag Julius Klinkhardt publiziert erziehungswissenschaftliche Bücher für die akademische Forschung und Lehre der Pädagogik. Schwerpunkte des Verlages liegen in den Bereichen Inklusion, Integration und Heterogenität, Sonderpädagogik, Bildungsmedienforschung, historische Bildungsforschung, Professionsforschung und LehrerInnenbildung, Schulpädagogik und Didaktik.

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  3. What is claimed is: 1. A method for facilitating a private label account transaction using data sets stored on a radio frequency transaction device, the method comprising the steps of: providing a radio frequency transaction device responsive to a radio frequency interrogation signal, said transaction device including a database configured for storing a data set owned by a private label ...

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    Leufken J, Niehues A, Sarin LP, Wessel F, Hippler M, Leidel SA, Fufezan C. pyQms enables universal and accurate quantification of mass spectrometry data. Mol Cell Proteomics 2017;16: 1736-1745. Abstract; Li L, Heiduschka P, Alex AF, Niekamper D, Eter N. Behaviour of CD11b-Positive Cells in an Animal Model of Laser-Induced Choroidal ...

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    Phone Number Detail; 8052049049 / 805-204-9049: Leiloni Reese - Powder Hill Rd, Oxnard, California: 8052040080 / 805-204-0080: Asfiya Okerson - Hunt Master Ct, Oxnard, California:

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    This isopach map is based on information from 1,480 of these wells that penetrate the Minnelusa Formation and equivalents. Isopach map of interval between top of the Pictured Cliffs Sandstone and the Huerfanito Bentonite bed of the Lewis Shale, La Plata County, Colorado, and Rio Arriba and San Juan counties, New Mexico.

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    미국특허분류(usc) 713/186; 713/168; 713/169; 713/170; 713/171; 713/174; 726/027; 726/028; 726/029; 726/030; 726/026 출원번호: us-0023442 (2008-01-31)

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    Map showing the Elko crater field, Elko County, Nevada. USGS Publications Warehouse. Ketner, Keith B.; Roddy, David J. 1980-01-01. The Elko crater field consists of two arrays of

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