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    • Elizabeth Hurley. Elizabeth Jane Hurley was born in England in 1965. She is an English actress, businesswoman, and model. She is most known for playing the protagonist in the Austin Powers movie: The Spy Who Shagged Me: International Man of Mystery.
    • Heather Locklear. Heather Deen Locklear was born in 1961 in the USA. She is an American actress famous for portraying the character Melinda Dillon on the television series Beverly Hills 90210.
    • Michelle Pfeiffer. Michelle Marie Pfeiffer was born in the U.S in 1958. She is an actress from the United States. She started with the television series Phyllis in 1976.
    • Sheryl Crow. Sheryl Suzanne Crow was born in 1962 in America. She is an American singer, songwriter, and actress. She is best known for providing the soundtrack for Disney’s 1999 animated film, Tarzan.
    • Kim Basinger. This Junior Miss Georgia certainly found her home in the entertainment industry. With more than 40 years as a model, actress, singer and activist, she’s more than just a pretty face – she’s the real deal.
    • Oprah Winfrey. She’s definitely a looker, but it’s Oprah’s way with words that really won our hearts. There’s no one else who can share a story like her, which is why we’re still hooked on her forty years later.
    • Reba McEntire. From her first album to her 34th, we still haven’t been able to stop our ears from perking up when we hear Reba’s croon or our eyes from lighting up when she crosses the stage.
    • Vanessa Williams. This Miss America had our hearts as soon as she stepped on to the stage at Syracuse. Her many talents – including her ability to handle a tricky situation – are matched by none.
  1. Sep 19, 2019 · Christie Brinkley, Sharon Stone, Heather Locklear, and Demi Moore are on this list and are prime examples of beautiful women in their fifties or over. It's up to you, use your votes to decide who takes the title of this particular list and which one of these attractive women is the most stunning lady for her age.

  2. Feb 07, 2017 · Halle Berry, 50 View On Instagram Demi Moore, 54 Getty Images Diane Lane, 52 Getty Images Meryl Streep, 67 Getty Images Christine Baranski, 64 Getty Images Alfre Woodard, 64 Getty Images Olivia...

    • CHRISTIE BRINKLEY. Admit it, you stole your dad's old issues of Christie Brinkley's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Editions before you were even allowed to stay up past ten o'clock.
    • ANGELA BASSETT. It's fitting that Bassett's breakthrough role was another seriously hot lady over fifty: Tina Turner in the 1993 biopic What's Love Got to Do With It.
    • HELEN MIRREN. As a dame who can pull off a Baywatch-esque bikini at age 66, Helen Mirren should probably be considered another wonder of the world. We're not trying to be cheesy, but, seriously, have you ever been turned on by another woman over 60 in a swimsuit?
    • JULIANNE MOORE. What makes this 50-year-old actress so sexy is that she looks as if she can still pull off roles like the one she had in Boogie Nights (i.e., porn star), and, what's even better is that she still does.
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  4. Mar 19, 2016 · 1 Cindy Crawford Cindy Crawford will be 50 on Saturday (20 February) – and these stunning images of her in Balmain’s SS16 ad campaign, along with this week’s beach holiday photos, show why she’s at number one on our list. The photoshoot reunited her with Naomi Campbell and Claudia Schiffer.

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