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  1. Tvrtko I of Bosnia - Wikipediać

    A member of the House of Kotromanić, he succeeded his uncle Stephen II as Ban of Bosnia in 1353. As he was a minor at the time, Tvrtko's father, Vladislav, briefly ruled as regent, followed by Tvrtko's mother, Jelena.

    • (26 October?) 1377
    • September 1353 – October 1377, (interrupted by Vuk, 1365–1366)
  2. House of Kastrioti - Wikipedia

    The House of Kastrioti (Albanian: Dera e Kastriotit) was an Albanian royal and noble family, active in the 14th and 15th centuries as the rulers of the Principality of Kastrioti. The first Kastrioti mentioned in historical documents was a kephale of Kaninë in 1368.

  3. Crnojević noble family - Wikipedia

    The Crnojević (Serbian Cyrillic: Црнојевићи, pl. Crnojevići / Црнојевићи) was a medieval noble family that held Zeta, or parts of it; a region north of Lake Skadar corresponding to southern Montenegro and northern Albania, from 1326 to 1362, then 1403 until 1515.

  4. Nemanjić dynasty - Wikipediać

    The princely, royal, and imperial house produced twelve Serbian monarchs between 1166 and 1371. Its progenitor was Stefan Nemanja, scion of a cadet branch of the Vukanović dynasty (1101–1166). After Nemanja, all monarchs used Stefan as a personal name, a tradition adopted for the royal pretensions.

  5. Ottoman dynasty - Wikipedia

    Osman IV Fuad, 39th Head of the House of Osman (1954–1973), half-brother of Ahmed IV Nihad. Mehmed Abdulaziz II, 40th Head of the House of Osman (1973–1977), grandson of Sultan Abdülaziz I. Ali I Vâsib, 41st Head of the House of Osman (1977–1983), son of Ahmed IV Nihad.

  6. Guinea)

    House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (1831–वर्तन) Bosnia. House of Boričević (1154–1163, 1536-) House of Kulinić (1163–1250) House of Kotromanić (1250–1463) House of Berislavić, deposed (1463–1536) Bulgaria

  7. House of Zogu - Wikipedia

    The House of Zogu, or Zogolli until 1922, is an Albanian dynasty founded in the early 14th century. The family provided the short-lived modern Kingdom of Albania with its only monarch, Zog I of Albania (1928–1939).

  8. Petrović-Njegoš dynasty - Wikipediać-Njegoš

    In 2011, Montenegro recognized an official role for the Royal House of Petrović-Njegoš in Montenegro: to promote Montenegrin identity, culture and traditions through cultural, humanitarian and other non-political activities, which has been interpreted as a "creeping restoration" of the monarchy.

  9. آغاز کار دودمان. دودمان هابزبورگ نام شان را از دژ نیاکان شان برگرفته اند، دژی که در دهه ۱۰۲۰ پایه گذاشته شده و امروز نزدیک مرز باسوییس و آلمان جای دارد.

  10. वंश - विकिपीडियावंश

    House of Kotromanić (1250–1463) House of Berislavić, deposed (1463–1536) Bulgaria House of Dulo (632 ...