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  1. Monarchy of Luxembourg - Wikipedia

    Luxembourg has been a grand duchy since 15 March 1815, when it was created from territory of the former Duchy of Luxembourg. It was in personal union with the United Kingdom of the Netherlands until 1890 under the House of Orange-Nassau .

  2. Luxembourg - Wikipedia

    – in Europe (green & dark grey) – in the European Union (green) Capital and largest city Luxembourg City Official languages Luxembourgish French German [a] Nationality (2017) 50.9% Luxembourgers 18.2% Portuguese 13.5% French 10.3% Germans 7.1% Other Religion (2018) 73.2% Christianity —63.8% Roman Catholic —9.4% Other Christian 23.4% No religion 2.6% Islam 0.6% Other Demonym(s ...

  3. Grand Ducal Family of Luxembourg - Wikipedia

    In 1443 the last member of the senior branch of the House of Luxemburg, Duchess Elisabeth, sold the Duchy of Luxembourg to Duke Philip the Good of Burgundy, a prince of the French House of Valois. In 1477 the duchy passed by marriage of Philip's granddaughter, Mary of Burgundy , to Archduke Maximilian I of Austria of the House of Habsburg .

  4. Luxembourg City - Wikipedia

    On 10 December 2017, the first stage of Luxembourg City's new tram line opened between Luxexpo and the Grand Duchess Charlotte Bridge serving the Kirchberg quarter. An extension to the city centre (Stäreplaz-Étoile) was opened on 27 July 2018. Further extensions to Luxembourg station, Bonnevoie, Howald, and Cloche d’Or are due to be ...

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  6. Communes of Luxembourg - Wikipedia

    The province of Luxembourg, which now constitutes part of Belgium, was part of Luxembourg prior to 1839 when it possessed a low degree of sovereignty. Due to Luxembourg's incorporation into the main country by its occupying powers, the modern municipal system in Luxembourg is less than two centuries old.

  7. Guillaume, Hereditary Grand Duke of Luxembourg - Wikipedia,_Hereditary_Grand...

    Early life and education. Prince Guillaume was born on 11 November 1981 at the Grand Duchess Charlotte Maternity Hospital in Luxembourg City and is the eldest child of Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg and his wife, Cuban-born Grand Duchess Maria Teresa.

  8. Economy of Luxembourg - Wikipedia

    By April 2017, three space mining corporations had established headquarters established in Luxembourg. [40] Luxembourg's new law took effect in August 2017, ensuring that private operators can be confident about their rights on resources they extract in space.

  9. Prince Louis of Luxembourg - Wikipedia

    Prince Louis was born on 3 August 1986 at Grand Duchess Charlotte Maternity Hospital in Luxembourg City.. After completing his primary education at the Ecole de Lorentzweiler, Prince Louis continued his secondary education at the American School of Luxembourg.

  10. Luxembourg Royal Residences | Unofficial Royalty

    photo: Wikipedia Located in the heart of Luxembourg City, the Grand Ducal Palace is the official palace of the Grand Duke and is used for all official functions. Owned by the State, it is one of two palaces made available to the Grand Duke under the Constitution of Luxembourg.

  11. Naruhito - Wikipedia

    Naruhito (徳仁, pronounced [naɾɯꜜçi̥to]; born 23 February 1960) is the Emperor of Japan.He acceded to the Chrysanthemum Throne on 1 May 2019, beginning the Reiwa era, following the abdication of his father, Akihito.