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  1. House of Plantagenet Family Tree | Britroyals

    House of Plantagenet Family Tree from King Henry III (1216 - 1272) to Edward V (1483) including the Houses of Lancaster and York.

  2. House of Plantagenet Family Tree and House of Lancaster

    The House of Plantagenet is also referred to as the House of Anjou or as the Angevin Dynasty. This house ruled England from 1154 – 1485. This dynasty provided England with a total of fourteen kings. This extensive royal lineage begins with Geoffrey, the Count of Anjou and his wife Empress Matilda, who was the daughter of King Henry I of England. While knows as the House of Plantagenet, that was not actually their family name, instead, it comes from a nickname used for Count Geoffrey.

  3. House of Plantagenet | Familypedia | Fandom

    This family tree includes selected members of the House of Plantagenet who were born legitimate. This list will attempt to outline all the male line descendants of Geoffrey V, Count of Anjou and Maine (1113-1151) including illegitimate lines. 1 Geoffrey V, Count of Anjou and Maine (1113-1151...

  4. House of Plantagenet | Origin of the Plantagenet Family

    The Plantagenet Family Tree Below shown is the family tree of the Plantagenet family. It starts with the reign of King Henry II in 1154 and ends with the last Plantagenet King Richard III of the House of York and Lancaster in the year 1485.

  5. House of Plantagenet | King Henry III -

    Father: King John. Mother: Isabella of Angouleme. Born: October 1, 1207 at Winchester. Ascended to the throne: October 18, 1216 aged 9 years. Crowned: October 28, 1216 at Gloucester and May 17, 1220 at Westminster Abbey. Married: Eleanor of Provence, Daughter of Raymond Berenger.

    Henry III is crowned King at the age of nine. England is ruled temporarily by two regents, Hubert de Burgh and William the Marshal
    The French lose the battles of Lincoln and Dover and are driven back to France
    Building of Salisbury cathedral begun
    De Burgh successfully puts down an insurrection supporting the French king Louis Vlll’s claim to the throne
  6. Plantagenet Family 1101 - 1554

    The second house of ANJOU was founded by Geoffrey V "the Fair" Plantagenet, Count of Anjou and Maine, and Duke of Normandy. He was the son of Fulk V "the Younger" of Anjou, Count of Anjou, and King of Jerusalem. This house includes the PLANTAGENET kings of England, especially the first three: Henry II, son of Geoffrey Richard I John

  7. Plantagenet Descendants in America - Elizabethan Era

    The family tree continues today with the 11 th Duke of Beaufort, His Grace, David Somerset, the legitimized successor of the Plantagenet Dynasty. King Richard III’s closest surviving descendants are Wendy Duldig and Michael Ibsen, the 14 th cousins who belonged to the family line of Anne of York.

  8. PLANTAGENET Genealogy | WikiTree FREE Family Tree

    Thomas (Plantagenet) of Brotherton 01 Jun 1300 Manor House of Pontefract Castle, Brotherton, Yorkshire, England - abt 04 Aug 1338 Edmund (Plantagenet) Crouchback 16 Jan 1245 London, Middlesex, England - 05 Jun 1296

  9. House Of Tudor Genealogy Chart & Family Tree

    His long exile ended on 15 August 1485 when King Richard III was defeated at Bosworth Field. The Plantagenet dynasty, having ruled England since 1154, ended in strife and the Tudor dynasty began. Click here to view a .bmp (bitmap) image of a Tudor family tree. I apologize for the blurry text; I’m searching out a better scan.

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