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  2. Jan 4, 2024 · Fact checked by. Emily Estep. The Spruce / Sarah Crowley. There are iconic house styles that dot the American landscape and, whether you're buying an old or new house, you're sure to recognize some of these charming, grand, and modern homes. A few of the most popular styles include American Craftsman, Cape Cod, ranch, colonial, contemporary ...

    • Cape Cod House Style. The Cape Cod style features a steep roofline, wood siding, multi-pane windows, and hardwood floors. They are typically one story, but sometimes also have another half story.
    • Country French House Style. Country French-style homes in the United States date back to the 18th century. Country French homes are often one story with many narrow windows and paired shutters, steeply pitched roofs (either hipped or side-gabled), stucco walls, and a half-timbered frame.
    • Colonial House Style. Colonial-style houses usually have two or three stories, fireplaces, and brick or wood facades. The classic Colonial-style house floor plan has the kitchen and family room on the first floor and the bedrooms on the second floor.
    • Victorian House Style. Victorian-style houses often feature a steeply pitched roof, a dominant front-facing gable, patterned shingles, and cutaway bay windows.
    • Saltbox
    • Cape Cod
    • Shotgun
    • I-House
    • Side Hall
    • Gable-Ell
    • Dutch Colonial
    • Spanish Colonial
    • Georgian
    • Adam

    When a one-story lean-to addition, or linhay, is added to the rear of an I-House, the result is a distinctive structure known as a saltbox. The name for this style of house derives from the similarity of its shape to 18th-century wooden salt containers. These homes typically have two stories in front and one story in the back. Some have more than o...

    Among the earliest and most common folk building types in New England, the Cape Cod housebegan appearing in the early 18th century. While the original version was typically an asymmetrical one-half Cape (three bays wide with the door placed at far left or far right) or three-quarter Cape (four bays wide with the door in the second or third bay), th...

    Found primarily in the South, shotgun housesare one-story, one-room-wide structures that make the most of narrow lots in urban settings. The name comes from the construction style, which maintained a front-to-back alignment, theoretically allowing a shotgun blast to go from the front door out the back. This layout also means that you need to walk t...

    Two stories high but only one room deep, these modest houses earned their name when it was determined that many of the original builders hailed from Illinois, Iowa, and Indiana. The I-House developed domestically from a British folk style and predated the railroad, so materials and access to craftsmen was more limited. These houses are usually quit...

    While they appear to be similar to gable-front shotgun houses, side hall homes also can be two stories and still offer the convenient feature of a hallway on one side. This side hallway is where this house type gets its name, and it allows residents to move through the home without having to walk through bedrooms or common spaces. Most are slender,...

    Widely popular across the United Statesafter the arrival of the railroad, these one- or two-story wood-frame homes feature a central, gable-front mass with an intersecting, perpendicular wing of the same height, effectively creating an L-shaped structure. This style is also known as a gable-front-and-wing home. If a wing appears on both sides of th...

    Often with side-gabled or side-gambrel roofs with little overhangs, the typical one-story Dutch Colonial house style began appearing in the mid-1600s throughout what is now New York, New Jersey, and neighboring states. These houses were typically made from brick or wood and included features like divided Dutch doors, designed to keep livestock out ...

    This one-story house style began appearing in the Southwest and Florida during the 1600s. In contrast with the Dutch Colonial, Spanish Colonialhomes have thick masonry walls and shallower roofs, ranging from low-pitched to flat; some have flat roofs with parapets. Original homes in this style had multiple entry doors and small window openings with ...

    Often what many think of when they hear the word “colonial,” the Georgian home dominated the English colonies through most of the 1700s. This style presents as stately and formal, and variations exist that range from single-family homes to townhouses. A Georgianhome usually has a symmetrical facade, paneled door, cornice with dentils or other decor...

    Some architectural historians call this style Adam, while others refer to it as Federal. Both terms describe the same style, which followed close on the heels of the popular Georgian. The Adam style resembles Georgian in many ways, yet there are distinctions. The Adam house usually has a symmetrical facade with dentil molding at the cornice. It is ...

  3. Jan 22, 2024 · Shingle Style. 1. Colonial Style. Colonial-style houses are simple rectangular homes that became popular in the 1600s as colonists settled the East Coast. These homes have many variations due to the fact that new communities all over the world built Colonial-style homes to suit their culture.

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  4. Sep 21, 2023 · 1. Contemporary Style. From coast to coast, over the last decade, contemporary styles have become ubiquitous in architectural and interior design.

  5. Extensive collection of 37 different types of home architectural styles and designs. Find out what style of home you like best.

  6. Jan 20, 2024 · Below is the list of 20 types of different house styles: 1. Contemporary style house. With a fresh focus on sustainability, contemporary homes are similar to mid-century modern homes. Features: Its structure emphasizes geometry. Exterior with asymmetry. Layout with an open floor plan. Pros:

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