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  1. A look at the Vice President’s mansion that rivals the White ... › article › see-vice-president-dc-house

    Jan 21, 2021 · The Queen Anne-style house was named the official residence of the vice president in 1974, according to the White House ’s official website. The house, which Harris will share with her husband,...

  2. Number One Observatory Circle - Wikipedia › wiki › Number_One_Observatory_Circle

    Vice President Walter Mondale was the first vice president to move into the house. Every vice president since has lived there. The vice presidential mansion was refurbished by the United States Navy in early 2001, slightly delaying the move of then-Vice President Dick Cheney and his family. Similarly, Vice President Kamala Harris delayed moving ...

  3. The Vice President’s Residence & Office | The White House › about-the-white-house › the

    Finally, in 1974, Congress agreed to refurbish the house at the Naval Observatory as a home for the Vice President. Three years passed before any Vice President actually lived at Number One ...

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  5. The Vice President's Residence - One Observatory Circle › the-vice-presidents

    1977: Walter F. Mondale and his family become the first official full-time residents of the home now designated as the official residence of the Vice President of the United States. Since Mondale’s occupancy, every vice president has taken up residence at Number One Observatory Circle.

  6. Number One Observatory Circle, The Home of the Vice President ... › the-home-of-the-vice

    Visually, the home is three stories, brick and wood framed, rather compact — approximately 39 x 77 feet — with floor space noted at 9,150 square feet, and total gross square footage of 11,373 square feet.48 For years, it retained a dark reddish-brown exterior, which thankfully was changed in 1961, and again in 1963 when the home was painted white with black shutters.

  7. All About the Vice President's Rarely-Seen Residence, One ... › home › where-does-vice-president-live

    Jan 21, 2021 · Built in 1893, the home is located on 12 of the 72 acres of land that comprise the U.S. Naval Observatory, a government agency where scientists work on providing astronomy-related insights for the...

  8. When the Trumps take over the White House, Vice President-elect Mike Pence and his wife will move into a home on the grounds of the U.S. Naval Observatory. ...

  9. Nov 12, 2020 · Next Ford's Veep, Nelson Rockefeller, was given the house; but when you've got Rockefeller money, a little 9,150-square-foot Victorian is JLW ("just like whatev's," a phrase Rockefeller may or may not have used). So Veep Rock only used the house for parties. In 1977 Walter Mondale was the first Vice President to actually live there, and every Vice President since has followed suit.

  10. Vice President Kamala Harris Will Live at One Observatory Circle › number-one-observatory-circle

    Every vice president has lived there since Mondale, bringing their own unique touch to the home's 9,150 square feet. Ronald and Nancy Reagan visit George H.W. and Barbara Bush at the vice president's residence in 1981. David Hume Kennerly/Getty Images Source: " Number One Observatory Circle "

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