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    Apr 25, 2017 · Banja Luka is Bosnia and Herzegovina’s second biggest city and is located in the northwestern part of the country. The city encompasses an area of 96.2 square km and is on the banks of the Vrbas River. The city’s downtown is 534.78 ft above sea-level and is surrounded by hills. The University of Banja Luka is situated in the city.

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    This is a list of large cities closest to Vrbas, Serbia. A big city usually has a population of at least 200,000 and you can often fly into a major airport. If you need to book a flight, search for the nearest airport to Vrbas, Serbia. You can also look for cities 4 hours from Vrbas, Serbia (or 3 hours or 2 hours or 1 hour). 106 km to Belgrade, Serbia; 125 km to Timisoara, Romania; 211 km to Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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    The Vrbas Banovina or Vrbas Banate (Serbo-Croatian: Vrbaska banovina / Врбаска бановина), was a province of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia between 1929 and 1941. It was named after the Vrbas River and consisted mostly of territory in western Bosnia (part of historical and present-day Bosnia and Herzegovina ) with its capital at Banja ...

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    Apart from entities, cantons and municipalities, Bosnia and Herzegovina also has officially designated cities. Official cities have their own mayor and city council, which is a big difference to the municipalities of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which have a municipal council and mayor. Powers of city councils of official cities are between the government of municipalities and government cantons in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina or a government entity in the Republika Srpska. There are twenty five official cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina(as of 2021):

    The list includes only the 56 cities / towns and municipalities whose administrative area has a population greater than 20,000. Istočno Sarajevo, with a population of 61,516 in its administrative area, is not included, since it is a city only in administrative sense and doesn't have a city proper. "¤" indicates an official city.

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    The Vrbas (Serbian Cyrillic: Врбас, pronounced ) is a major river with a length of 250 kilometres (160 mi), in western Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is a right tributary of the Sava river. The city of Banja Luka is located on the river banks.

    • 6,274 km² (2,422 sq mi)
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    Vrbas ( Serbian Cyrillic: Врбас; Hungarian: Verbász) is a town and municipality located in the South Bačka District of the autonomous province of Vojvodina, Serbia. As of 2011, the town had a population of 24,112, while the municipality had 42,092 inhabitants.

  8. Mar 01, 2020 · Vrbas is one of the basic symbols of the city of Banja Luka. To the south, Vrbas created a canyon with a series of natural rarities. Vrbas Canyon consists of two canyons: the Tijesno Canyon (5km) and Podmilačje Canyon (8km). Rapids, waterfalls,beaches, surrounding rocks, and the richness of flora and fauna make this area special.

  9. beginning of the XX century. Banja Luka was still a city on the Vrbas river with rare housing in the green matrix. It was also a city known for its chestnut avenues since the pe-riod of the Austro Hungarian Empire. In the period after 1945, the first documents showing urban planning were recorded.

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    Vrbas River. , Banja Luka. Hike, camp, fish, and raft at Vrbas River, which is named after the numerous weeping willow trees that adorn its banks. The river canyon is a good place for water adventures, such as kayaking, boat races, bridge jumping, and parachute jumping. Take the hiking and walking trails if you'd like bird's-eye views of the ...

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