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  1. Dragora's Avatar (AKA Dragora Galaxia) is an incarnation of the unclassified Ultimorian Deity known as Dragora Galaxia, a deity of such incredible power that if all of it wasn't sealed up, Dragora's own wings would shatter all of reality. As such, nearly all of Dragora's physical body is sealed by shield-like coverings on each of Dragora's scales, and force the ancient deity into a curled up ...

    • Dragora Galaxia
    • Deity of the Void
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    • Deity from behind the VoidThe Legion
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    Originally, prior to breaking free of the Dragora Legion, Dragora the Dark looked very similar to Dragora Galaxia, but instead of possessing mana wings, Dragora the Dark had a completely physical body. But by the time Dragora the Dark broke free of his former allegiance, however, he became completely transformed into your standard Western Dragon; four legs and two wings, more or less animal in appearance compared to his former self, and his only inherited trait from his past being his black scales, which have now taken on a shade of blue which remains as his only remainder of his past self even to this day. In the modern day, he looks no different from his past, secondary self; he is still a four legged, two winged Draconid with bright blue eyes, a black scaled hide with a slight tint of blue, a white colored underbelly, and now possessing a saddle built as divine armor that transforms Dragora's entire look into a much larger version of his past self, and being big enough to carry t...

    The one thing that can most certainly be made clear about Dragora the Dark is his own ideals being strong enough to break apart from the Dragora Legion, and thus no longer be associated with them despite keeping his own name as Dragora. The how and why parts about what caused this entire ordeal is never explained, and every time hints of it are mentioned by Dragora Galaxia, Galaxia brings up that Dark is a "traitor" to the Dragora Legion, and at a much later date, also stated that "he never trusted him", meaning Dragora the Dark more than likely did something that pretty much back stabbed the Dragora Legion in the process of leaving it, if not leaving the Dragora Legion on it's own is the possible reasons for Galaxia's hostility towards his former "ally".

    Debated Early Origins

    While there does exist a character under the name "Dragora the Dark" (in addition to one also named "Dragora the Light"), it is impossible to confirm or deny the possibility of whether or not Dragora the Dark, the current character to have said name, is meant to be either a reincarnation of the Old Era Dragora the Dark, the Old Era Dragora the Light or, possibly, a reincarnation of both Dragoras fused into one entity. Considering the Neo Dragora the Dark has a personality completely different...

    Breaking from the Dragora Legion

    One of the former avatars of Dragora Galaxia, he acquired so much of his own free will that he forcefully ejected himself from the legion he originated from, but how and why remains to be unanswered. Ever since this incident, Dragora Galaxia frequently calls Dragora the Dark a "traitor", and each time the two encounter each other, Grandis and Ultima become more and more confused because any questions asked will be unanswered in addition to only raising more questions instead.

    Life with Chronicler

    Upon escaping from the Dragora Legion, he breached into the Mabinogi Universe as an ordinary Thunder Dragon to hide in Iria until the time was right. Upon entering, however, he noticed three humans in a vision, two of which he will later know of as Chronicler and Ruairi, with the former killing the third, unidentified human by transforming into a bizarre, alien-like creature which proceeds to separate from the main body and disappear entirely, right before Chronicler transforms into a low ran...

    Had it not been for a chance opportunity on July 4th, 2015, Dragora the Dark's upgraded form would not have occurred in the story; all five Dragon mounts (just four if you count the two Thunder Dragons as the same species) are limited edition, and since Shiramu-Kuromu only had access to the Thunder Dragon and Ice Dragon, but sought out another chance to claim the 2-seater Thunder Dragon as his, a fateful discovery made nearly 3 days before the deadline of the sale gave Shiramu-Kuromu his chance to acquire the mount in question as to use as an upgraded form for Dragora. However, while Pets can be created separately from another, the 2-seater Thunder Dragon Pet Card was used on the pre-existing Thunder Dragon which serves as a basis for Darkdragora (Dragora the Dark)'s images. As a result, Darkdragora became permanently rebirthed from his original Thunder Dragon model and statistics, into his "superior" form of the 2-seater Thunder Dragon. Due to how rebirthing pets work, this change...

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  3. Bringing Imaginary Friends to Life. Putting your child's drawing on the fridge is so passe. Get a toy made from their artwork instead. Sept. 4, 2014 6:51 pm ET. Print. Text. One of the things I ...

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  4. Similarly creepy is an account from Your Ghost Stories, from a woman who says she too had an imaginary friend when she was a little girl, who she had called Samantha.This imaginary friend had begun to appear to her shortly after moving into a new house, and at first it just seemed like a child’s imagination until her mother began to see shadows flitting about and hearing strange noises ...

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    Imaginary Friend A life state · Featured in: Imaginary Friend Meet your Imaginary Friend! Not to be confused with Invisible Friend. An Imaginary Friend is a life state in The Sims 3: Generations. An Imaginary Friend begins its life as a magical doll that a newborn baby or a toddler may receive in the mail from a distant relative. Under the right conditions, the doll can come to life after its owner grows into a child.

    An Imaginary Friend. Imaginary Friends will go through up to three different forms throughout their lifespan, starting out as toys and potentially ending their lives as beings similar to regular Sims. In its initial form, an Imaginary Friend serves as an inanimate soft toy for a baby or toddler, much like a Wugglesworth Schnuggles Bear. During this stage, the Imaginary Friend can occasionally be seen teleporting around its home lot and changing poses if left outside a Sim's inventory, much like...

    A family of Imaginary friends? There is a 75% chance that a package containing an Imaginary Friend doll will be delivered to an existing household soon after a new baby is born. The doll will immediately appear in the baby's inventory when another Sim goes to the mailbox to collect it. A baby may only receive one doll at most. If you create a toddler in CAS, it can also appear, but it has a smaller chance of getting the Imaginary Friend doll in their inventory after making it with a 50% chance....

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