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    The current English name “Egypt” as we know it today originated from an ancient Greek word through Middle French and Latin. The ancient Greek word is “Aígyptos,” which was “Egypte” in Middle French and “Aegyptus” in Latin. The universal argument is that the Greek forms of the word were derived from the Late Egyptian “Hikuptah” which was a corrupted form of the earlier Egyptian name “Hwt-ka-Ptah” (Ha-ka-Ptah). This earlier Egyptian name translates to "home of the soul (ka) of Ptah". This name is what the Egyptians used to refer to the city of Memphis where the chief deity being worshipped was none other than the potter god Ptah. Other scholars like Strabo argued that the word originated from folklore. Strabo argues that the word “Aígyptos” was once a compound word, “Aigaiou huptiōs,” which roughly translates as being underneath the Aegean.

    In the Qurans written in classical Arabic, Egypt is known as “Misr,” which is a name of Semitic roots. The name “Misr” is also Egypt’s modern official name. In Egyptian Arabic, the name is pronounced as “Maṣr.” The name “Misr” is a cognate from words such as “Mitzráyim” in the Hebrew language while in Akkadian, Egypt was known as “miṣru.” The Akkadian form of the word is the oldest verification of the name’s (Misr) relation to Semitic languages. The Akkadian form of the country’s name is related to other words such as “miṣru,” “miṣirru,” and “miṣaru.” All of these names roughly translate to a frontier or a border, which would make sense considering that Egypt can be described as a border between continents.

    In ancient Egyptian, the country’s name was “Kemet.” This name holds a reference to the black and fertile soils that are lying in the Nile floodplains. In contrast, the word for a desert, which typically has red sand, was “deshret” which translates to the desert’s red land. Even though the name is pronounced as kemet in modern times, scholars argue that it was probably pronounced differently during its time. When the Egyptian language was in the Coptic phase, the name was slightly altered to “kēme” while in Greek it was further altered to “Khēmía” (Χημία).

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  3. How did Egypt get its name? - Answers

    When the Greeks conquered Egypt they gave Greek names to cities, regions and even its past Pharaohs. It was through letter combination of k-p-t (which was corrupted to g-p-t) that led to the Greeks...

  4. How did Cairo, Egypt get its name? - Quora

    Egypt was first in ancient egyptian time called Kemet meaning the black land, because river nile has a flood every year and throws lots of mud all over the country. Them Kemet became kepit or koptic and it was a name of people who lived in egypt, and from there it kep changing until it became Egypt. 273 views View 2 Upvoters

  5. How did Egypt get its name and by what person? - Answers

    Egypt kept its name after the deaths of Antony and Cleopatra. It was still called Egypt or "Aegyptus" in Latin.Egypt kept its name after the deaths of Antony and Cleopatra.

  6. How did Egypt get its name Arab republic of Egypt? - Answers

    to understand how Egypt got its current name , u should know the historical background , when Egypt was part of the Ottoman Empire , it was just Egypt , a region from the Empire , then under the ...

  7. Ancient Egypt and the History of Pyramids

    Apr 24, 2020 · The history behind building pyramids was of hard work, resilience, and efforts. But the Pyramids did not get right, the first time. The pyramids in the desert often collapsed while they were being built. And Sneferu, considered to be the greatest Pharaoh, endured the disasters to figure out how to get them right.

  8. How did Alexandria, the city in Egypt, get its name? | Yahoo ...

    Mar 02, 2009 · I want to know because my maiden name Alexandria. Alexander the Great came to Egypt in 332 BC. He looked for a place to build a new capital that should be also a port for easy communications with Europe.

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    May 28, 2016 · The small community was first called Egypt because of the Egyptian cotton grown there, but was later renamed Goodyear after Charles Goodyear, the founder of the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co ...