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  1. Not only did it kill hunger pangs, it also had a long history as a social grace. George looked at his picture staring deeply into its eyes. He studied the recesses of the face and lingered over each feature.

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  3. She shrank from the consequences of a literary fame, had none of George Sand's love of notoriety or desire to impress herself upon the world. It was her hope that George Eliot and Mrs. Lewes would lead distinct lives so far as either was known outside her own household; that the two should not be joined together even in the minds of her most ...

  4. The “Great Awakening” of the mid-eighteenth century, for example, be- gan in Britain and traveled to America in large part through the efforts of the English evangelist George Whitefield. American evangelists later carried religious ideas from the New World back to the Old. The Atlantic Context of Early American History

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    Oddly, it sounds like Macon approves. Then again, he never did get along with his father. Not many people did. George Saint was a beast, and I learned early on to avoid him. “Well . . .” I drift off, unable to think of a thing to say. “Well,” Macon repeats as if agreeing. “Macon . . .” “Delilah.” My name is a singsong taunt.

  6. Well into the twentieth century, scholars proceeded as if, in Ernest Renan’s infamous phrase, Muhammad was “born in the full light of history.”6 Orientalists confidently claimed to distinguish a factual biographical core from the overlay of legend or the underpinning of political-sectarian bias.7 Alford Welch pronounced the Qur’an ...

  7. the history of purgation, to cite Arthur Dantos capsule definition that refers first of all to Greenbergs stress on the avant-garde distaste for subject matter or content as something to be avoided like a plague, a purism that turns content into form, making the work irreducible to anything not itself (Danto, After 70; Greenberg 1:8).

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