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  1. It is to be said of this affair that George Eliot was very far from looking at such a problem as Goethe or, George Sand would have looked at it, from the position of personal inclination. Yet we are told by Miss Blind that she early entertained liberal views in regard to divorce, believing that greater freedom in this respect is desirable.

  2. Cousin Sophie, two years his junior, prided herself on her fine education, contrasting it to that of the rustic, uneducated Joseph, and ridiculing his use of language. In turn, he accused her of swallowing a grammar book. 24 Sophie was an exceptionally well educated and pious young woman of twenty-four, a high school graduate at a tune when ...

  3. George Santayana resigned at forty-eight from a tenured post in philosophy at Harvard: a rather difficult renuncia-tion, he called it, but imperative since in his department philosophy was most modern, most deeply Protestant, most hopefully new: the very things in which he could place no faith.

  4. THE MARRIAGE CLINIC. A Scientifically-Based Marital Therapy. John M. Gottman, Ph.D. W.W. NORTON & COMPANY New York London A NORTON PROFESSIONAL BOOK. 2 In memoriam To my friend and colleague, NEIL JACOBSON. Noble Gadfly, dedicated to Truth, to accountable and effective marital therapy

  5. Balzac put him in a book, so did George Sand. All the painters and sculptors, Delaroche and Ary Scheffer among others made his portrait. Nevertheless, his head was not turned, and when, after an exile of a few years, Thalberg had conquered Paris in his absence, he returned and engaged in an ivory duel, at the end worsting his rival.

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  7. Some people argue that happiness is directly correlated with somebody’s money and wealt h. They say that the more money you have, the happier you feel.They say that “by purchasing what you like,” you can acquire happiness. However, your task is to argue that money in itself cannot make you happy. When presenting your argument, you must incorporate the points of the assignment we have ...