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  1. It described history as a class struggle that would result in inevitable doom for the oppressive bourgeoisie: “Let the ruling classes tremble.” As the apocalyptic pamphlet whipped up fervor, the ruling classes did not waste their time trembling but rather galvanized their pow ers to crush all incipient uprisings.

  2. The “Royal George," a first-rate man-of-war, of one hundred guns, upset and sank while at anchor in the Spithead, by the guns rolling to one side of the uessel, June 28, 1782. In this dreadful catastrophe nearly a thousand persons perished, among whom was Admiral Kempenfelt, who was writing in his cabin at the time. .

  3. ORIGINAL COPY. This page intentionally left blank Original Copy Plagiarism and Originality in Nineteenth-Century Literature. ROB ERT M AC FAR L AN E. 1 1 Great Clarendon Street, Oxford ox2 6dp Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford.

  4. Balzac put him in a book, so did George Sand. All the painters and sculptors, Delaroche and Ary Scheffer among others made his portrait. Nevertheless, his head was not turned, and when, after an exile of a few years, Thalberg had conquered Paris in his absence, he returned and engaged in an ivory duel, at the end worsting his rival.

  5. Talks about the great plague of London

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    letter written by George Herbert to Bishop Andrewes, about a holy life, which the latter "put into his bosom," and after showing it to his scholars, "did always return it to the place where he first lodged it, and continued it so, near his heart, till the last day of his life." Great is the power of goodness to charm and to command. The man

  7. Zenith, he did not know whether the police force was too large or too small, or whether it was in alliance with gambling and prostitution. He knew the means of fire-proofing buildings and the relation of insurance-rates to fire-proofing, but he did not know how many firemen there were in the city,

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