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  1. Of the many problems the compiler of a dictionary of German history faces, one of the most frustrating is language. The German adjective volkisch (from Volk, meaning people or race), for example, cannot be adequately translated into English.

  2. Cousin Sophie, two years his junior, prided herself on her fine education, contrasting it to that of the rustic, uneducated Joseph, and ridiculing his use of language. In turn, he accused her of swallowing a grammar book. 24 Sophie was an exceptionally well educated and pious young woman of twenty-four, a high school graduate at a tune when ...

  3. Some people argue that happiness is directly correlated with somebody’s money and wealt h. They say that the more money you have, the happier you feel.They say that “by purchasing what you like,” you can acquire happiness. However, your task is to argue that money in itself cannot make you happy. When presenting your argument, you must incorporate the points of the assignment we have ...

  4. Category: Cartoon Trivia : What did Dagwood give up to marry Blondie`a family inheritance: Category: Cartoon Trivia : What did Peppermint Patty always call Charlie Brown`chuck: Category:Cartoon Trivia - What expression did Clark Kent's newspaper boss like to use`Great Caesar's ghost

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    Please post only jokes to this thread. For the Catholics... The crowd is about to stone Mary Magdalene, when Jesus steps forward and says, "Let ye who is without sin cast the firs

  6. ‘Shakespeare, Homer, Dante, Chaucer’, he begins, ‘saw the splendor of meaning that plays over the visible world; knew that a tree had another use than for apples, and corn another than for meal, and the ball of the earth, than for tillage and roads: that these things bore a second and finer harvest to the mind, being emblems of its ...

  7. Term meaning `rest' which titled a posthumous RAH retrospective*requiem Term originally meaning any kind of bird, & later applied chiefly to edible species*fowl Term popularly applied to a visible growth of fungi or bacteria on wet clothes, food, or other objects*mildew