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  1. Balzac put him in a book, so did George Sand. All the painters and sculptors, Delaroche and Ary Scheffer among others made his portrait. Nevertheless, his head was not turned, and when, after an exile of a few years, Thalberg had conquered Paris in his absence, he returned and engaged in an ivory duel, at the end worsting his rival.

  2. For in his humorous verse Howe does not indulge in the ludicrous or in sheer absurdity, as did George T. Lanigan. Rather Howe employs an unconventional method of dignifying the human spirit, as in his playful manner of signalizing the heart qualities of the Nova Scotian in his poem The Blue Nose and in A Toast (to Haliburton).

  3. Beyond the stormy strait he found the waters of the ocean smooth and quiet; hence its name Pacific, meaning peaceful Magellan, too, goes to Spain After returning to Portugal, Magellan sought the king's aid, but without success; then, like Columbus, he went to Spain, and in less than two years his fleet of five vessels sailed for the coast of ...

  4. Smiling to herself, Annabelle took John's hand and said, “Let's get some lunch at our favorite restaurant.” They had agreed with Remus and Sirius that their move would have to be sudden to lessen the chance of revealing their plans to anyone. Therefore, they did not tell any of their friends, neighbors, or employees about their plans.

  5. How did you know that?” George says. “I doubt it’s because you’re the Lieutenant’s son.” “ Step son, first of all,” Clay says. “But, yes. No. It’s not because I’m his—I just know where to ask my questions, is all. And it’s not just my Art History professors.” “Right,” George says.

  6. Not one time did he fail to respond to our need or request. He was a one-of-a-kind masterpiece of our Creator. On February 28th of this year, a student asked me to select a community leader who has a great impact on Good Samaritan. It did not take even 10 seconds for the name to come to mind. This was our reply to her...

  7. Some people argue that happiness is directly correlated with somebody’s money and wealt h. They say that the more money you have, the happier you feel.They say that “by purchasing what you like,” you can acquire happiness. However, your task is to argue that money in itself cannot make you happy. When presenting your argument, you must incorporate the points of the assignment we have ...

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