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  1. Along with millions of the country's workers, he had struggled and suffered through the last five years of depression, an economic down turn unequaled in the young industrial history of America. Near-starvation and misery had haunted working people across the country. “The men asked

  2. *Moderates forced the adoption of the Olive Branch Petition, a letter to King George III appealing one final time for a resolution to all disputes; the king refused to receive it *The Congress sent George Washington to command the army around Boston *American ports were opened in defiance of the Navigation Acts

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  5. The Kennedys are remembered the vanguard of wealth, power, and style. But their story begins in 1840s Boston, when a poor Irish refugee couple who were escaping famine created a life together in a city hostile to Irish, immigrants, and Catholics, and launched arguably the most powerful dynasty in America’s history.The working class background and Irish ancestry JFK leveraged to connect to ...

  6. In her new book Dear John: Love and Loyalty in Wartime America, historian and today’s guest Susan L. Carruthers details the history of the “Dear John” letter and explores wartime relationships and breakdowns from multiple perspectives—civilian and military, male and female, historical and contemporary.

  7. A huge man in every sense of the word and son to the king, Cumberland would cast a large shadow over George’s life and career, proving as significant for George ’s fortunes as Halifax did for Charles’s. George ’s star rose quickly once Cumberland assumed control of the army on the Continent during the War of Austrian Succession.62 ...