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  1. Some people argue that happiness is directly correlated with somebody’s money and wealt h. They say that the more money you have, the happier you feel.They say that “by purchasing what you like,” you can acquire happiness. However, your task is to argue that money in itself cannot make you happy. When presenting your argument, you must incorporate the points of the assignment we have ...

  2. Renunciation here enacts the letting go which initiates every form of spirituality . . . a renun-ciation of the limited and limiting self, in Pierre Hadots quote from a history of Chinese thought (The Present Alone 86). This letting go is at the heart of the less that renunciants live as the more.

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  4. 10 things you need to know today: December 26, 2016. The Week - 26 Dec 2016 14:44. 1. Russian President Vladimir Putin said Monday would be a day of mourning in his country after a Russian military jet crashed into the Black Sea shortly after taking off from Sochi on a flight to ... Syria, killing all 92 people on board.

  5. Talks about the great plague of London

  6. These comic characters quote him as if they were whistling an old tune. There is the hint of a human story here – two great writers, the sparks of admiration and rivalry – but any tendency to see these writers as real breathing people is drowned out by the vociferous anti-Shakespearian agenda of codes and conspiracies.

  7. He stood on the sleeping-porch and did his day's exercises: arms out sidewise for two minutes, up for two minutes, while he muttered, "Ought take more exercise; keep in shape;" then went in to see whether his collar needed changing before dinner. As usual it apparently did not. The Lettish-Croat maid, a powerful woman, beat the dinner-gong.