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  1. May 17, 2018 · Photographs of Julius von Sachs. Shown to the left is a portrait and signature of Sachs at the age of ca. 45 years. The inscription reads "Freiburg, August 22, 1868, Prof. Dr. J. Sachs" (adapted ...

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      Photographs of Julius von Sachs. Shown to the left is a...

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  2. Sep 1, 2015 · Metrics. In October 1865, Julius Sachs published a monograph entitled Experimental Physiology of Plants, and so initiated a new, quantitative branch of basic and applied botany. In our current ...

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  4. Jul 6, 2015 · For instance, Sachs analyzed the association of the root with soil particles in crop plants such as bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) (Fig. 5A), and discovered that the root hairs are largely responsible for the uptake of water and dissolved mineral salts (Fig. 5B). Together with Sachs' well-known hydroculture-experiments, these studies ...

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    • 10.1080/15592324.2015.1062958
    • 2015
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  5. Ingenhousz's hypothesis that photosynthesis produces oxygen by splitting carbon dioxide was refuted about 150 years later by the Dutch-born microbiologist Cornelius van Niel (1897-1985) in America. Van Niel studied photosynthesis in anaerobic bacteria, rather than in higher plants. Like higher plants, these bacteria make carbohydrates during ...

  6. Feb 8, 2021 · He found that plants grown in less-pure water grew better than those grown in distilled water. 1860: Julius Von Sachs. Professor Sachs publishes the first formula for a nutrient solution that can be dissolved in water to grow plants. This standard formula – with just a few minor tweaks – is used for the next 80 years.

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  7. Jan 1, 2011 · Sachs summed up the early work on photosynthesis (but said nothing about the role of light) (1890 translation of Sachs , p. 491): “The discoveries of Priestley, Ingen-Housz and Senebier, and the quantitative determinations of de Saussure in the years between 1774 and 1804, supplied the proof that the green parts of plants, and the leaves ...

  8. Oct 2, 2019 · In the 1860s, Sachs tested adding a variety of nutrients to plants growing in water. He was trying to determine what plants need to live. It was early, early efforts on modern-day hydroponics. In 1864, Sachs determined that blue light is the most important color for inducing phototropism in plants. Plants are generally blind to other colors ...

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