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    • Where did the American robin get its name?

      • [Of note, a BirdNote listener writes that the American Robin is seen occasionally in Germany and has been given the informal name, Wanderdrossel, or migrating thrush.] This is BirdNote! Behind every bird name there is a story - and often a unique bit of history.
  1. Robbins, IL Airport (1931) The first airport built, owned and operated by African-Americans in the United States. It is also the true beginnings of the now famous Tuskegee Airmen. Nine (9)original Tuskegee Airmen came from Robbins, IL

  2. How the Robin Got its Name. Written by Bob Sundstrom. This is BirdNote! Behind every bird name there is a story - and often a unique bit of history. [American Robin song and whinny] Consider our familiar American Robin, which lives throughout much of North America but is not found in Europe.

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    Where did the American robin get its name?

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  4. Just before the economic depression of 1837, Juliet incorporated as a village, but to cut tax expenses, Juliet residents soon petitioned the state to rescind that incorporation. In 1845, local residents changed the community's name from "Juliet" to "Joliet", reflecting the original name.

  5. The name succeeded The Baskin-Robbins Partnership, and was eventually changed back to Baskin-Robbins, Inc. on November 26, 1962. Baskin-Robbins was owned by its founders until it was acquired in 1967 (just prior to Burt Baskin's death) by United Fruit .

  6. Joliet is home to three high schools that bear its name: Joliet Central, Joliet West, and Joliet Catholic Academy (JCA), in addition to the closed Joliet East, each of which has sports programs. JCA has been a major football powerhouse for many years and has won more state football titles than any other team in the state, with 14 as of 2018.

  7. Madison County was established on September 14, 1812. It was formed from parts of Randolph and St. Clair counties and named for President James Madison. At the time of its formation, Madison County included all of the modern State of Illinois north of St. Louis, as well as all of Wisconsin, part of Minnesota, and Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

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