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  1. Like many people on the mainland, he believed Filipinos were incapable of self-government and did not want another foreign power to take over the islands. 66. The decision to keep the Philippines during the Treaty of Paris that the Senate approved in February 1899 set off an intense and emotional debate across the country and on Capitol Hill.

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    In the end, the Treaty of Paris was ratified by the Senate in a 57-27 vote. Under the terms of the treaty, the U.S. gained possession of Cuba, Puerto Rico, Guam, and for $20 million, the Philippines.

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    The obvious and simplest answer is colonialism. Imagine the pre-colonial rich Filipinos carry-on with their life and leisure with their slaves when suddenly, strangers come onto their shores and told them that henceforth declaring that “indios” mu...

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    They did not rebel when the United States fought against Spain during the Spanish-American War. Instead, they rebelled when the US decided not to allow the Philippines to become independent but ...

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    Viewed as an act of imperialism, many opposed the U.S. annexation of the Philippines, and there was a rebellion that lasted into 1902 until it was finally subdued by American forces.

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    The Treaty of Paris. On October 19, 1781, General Lord Charles Cornwallis surrendered 7,000 British soldiers to the Continental Army after a crushing defeat at the Battle of Yorktown. When news of Lord Cornwallis’s surrender reached Great Britain, Prime Minister Lord Frederick North, the 2nd Earl of Guilford seized “as he would have taken a ...


    Dec 06, 2008 · treaty of paris (1898) - updated "In order to read the destiny of a people, it is necessary to open the book of its past" - Dr. Jose P. Rizal "If it is commercialism to want the possession of a strategic point [Philippines] giving the American people an opportunity to maintain a foothold in the markets of that great Eastern country [China], for ...

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    The Seven Years' War ended with the signing of the Treaty of Paris on 10 February 1763. At the time of the signing, the signatories were not aware that Manila had been captured by the British, and consequently, it fell under the general provision that all other lands not otherwise provided for be returned to the Spanish Crown.

  10. The treaty of Paris gave control of the Philippines to the United States. izvoru47 and 13 more users found this answer helpful. heart outlined. Thanks 8. star. star. star. star. star half outlined.

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