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  1. Download photos or videos to your device - Android - Google ...

    On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Photos app .; Select a photo or video. Tap More Download.If the photo is already on your device, this option won’t appear.

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  2. How to Download Photos from Google Photos to Android/PC

    Nov 23, 2017 · Step 1 Open Google Photos on your phone. Select the photo you want to download to Gallery. Step 2 Tap the three dot icon on the top and select Save to the device. The picture will be downloaded to Gallery. Download All/Multiple Photos From Google Photos with Google Drive. If you want to download all photos from Google Photos to phone, you can ...

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    • How to Download All Photos from Google Photos to Pc/Mac
      Select All Photos and Download from Google PhotosStep 1 On your PC or Mac, open in the browser.Step 2 Select the photos you want...
    • How to Restore Pictures from Google Photos to Phone
      Save Picture from Google Photos to DeviceGoogle Photos app has Save to device option for us to move pictures from Google Photos to Gallery, but onl...
    • Google Photos Is Confusing? Try A Simpler Backup Method
      It is important to back up precious photos, videos on the Android phone. However, Google Photos can be very confusing: 1. It doesn't provide a stra...
  3. If you accidentally backed up your photos on the wrong Google account, you can move them to a different account. To change the account that you backed up your photos to, share your photo library with that account. Learn to share your Google Photos library with another account.

  4. Trying to recover photos from lost phone - Google Photos ...

    If you had the Google Photos app installed on your lost phone, and your pictures were previously uploaded to your Google account, then all of them are still available to you. All you have to do is install the Google Photos app on your new phone and sign in with the same Google credentials that you were using on your lost phone.

  5. How to get all of your photos into Google Photos

    Feb 23, 2016 · Google Photos is available as a free app for iOS and Android.If you own a Nexus device with the latest version of Android or a device running a stock version of Android, you may already have it ...

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  6. How to get photos off of your Android phone | PCWorld

    Sep 11, 2013 · Upload your photos to Google Drive and get at them from anywhere. To upload them to Google Drive, select the photos you want to upload, then tap the share button. From the menu, tap "See all ...

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  8. How to Move Photos from iPhone to Google Photos

    Dec 18, 2019 · In case iCloud Photos is turned off, then only the photos available on your phone will migrate to Google Photos. If it is on, then all the images, including the ones on iCloud, will get stored on ...

  9. How to Transfer Photos From an Android Phone to a PC ...
    • USB. One of the best features of Android is its mostly unfettered access to the USB file system. The fact that you can simply plug your phone into your computer using the included USB cable makes it easy to download any and all images and drag them into any desktop app or your file system for safekeeping.
    • Google Drive. Google Drive’s backup service is by far the simplest method for both backing up your photos and subsequently getting them off your Android phone.
    • Google Photos. Google Photos works in a similar fashion to Google Drive; in fact, the user interface and experience is nearly identical because both share Google’s Material Design language.
    • MicroSD cards. Unlike the iPhone, many Android devices let you expand storage via a MicroSD card. With a large-capacity card inserted, you could set supported photo apps to save content directly to the card instead of your phone’s internal storage.
  10. How To Download Your Pictures From Google Photos | Daves ...

    Oct 13, 2017 · Google Photos is a photo sharing and storage service developed by Google. It was announced in May 2015 and spun out from Google+, the company’s social network Google Photos gives users free, unlimited storage for photos up to 16 megapixels and videos up to 1080p resolution.

  11. How to transfer all data from old phone to a new Android phone

    May 20, 2019 · Open the Google Photos app on your old Android phone and then select the device folders option from the left hamburger menu. Step 2: The device folders page will display all the folders in your ...