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    What is y in French and how to use it?

    How do the French pronouns “y” and “en” work?

    How do I master y in French?

    How do you pronounce the French word'y'?

  2. Dec 14, 2020 · Y replaces: There The pronoun “y” can be used to replace the word “there”. When people are talking to each other, they may talk about a location. Instead of repeating the location, people will just say “there”, or in this case “y”. I have highlighted both the location and y in blue, so you can see how to use y in French. Je vais à l’école.

    • The French Pronoun Y Replaces A place.
    • The French Pronoun Y Also Replaces A Thing
    • How to Translate “Il Y A”?
    • How to Pronounce “Il Y A” in French?
    • “Il Y A” Pronunciation Recap

    A place is introduced by a preposition of place which can be “à” but also “sur, sous, en, au, aux…”: 1. Je vais à Paris = j’y vais I’m going to Paris = I’m going there 2. Je vais en France = j’y vais I’m going to France = I’m going there 3. Je vais au Japon = j’y vais I’m going to Japan = I’m going there When you study this, the key is to know well...

    The French Pronoun Y also Replaces a thing (never a person) introduced by “à, au, aux, à l’, à la” 1. Je pense à mon travail = j’y pense (y replacing “à mon travail”) I’m thinking about my work = I’m thinking about it 2. Je réfléchis aux problèmes internationaux – j’y réfléchis (y replacing “aux problèmes internationaux) I’m pondering the internati...

    The French expression “il y a” is very common. “Il y a” means there is, there are, it’s also used to translate the notion of “ago” in French, and it’s part of many French expression, especially to talk about the weather.

    “Il y a” is probably the common French expression where the everyday French pronunciationversus overly enunciated pronunciation – often featured in French methods – is the most blatant. And this modern way of speaking French often comes to a shock to poor students of French who were never prepared for that! So let’s study how you may have learned t...

    So let’s compare the sounds: from the most overly enunciated to the most common spoken form of “il y a”: 1. eel ee ya 2. eelya– the one you should memorize 3. ee ya 4. ya– very common in spoken French: you need to understand it! To train on the pronunciation of “il y a” in spoken French, check out my unique downloadable French audiobooks, featuring...

  3. Nov 08, 2019 · In French, ‘y’ is used as an adverbial pronoun. A must-know when learning the language, it has its own unique uses and plays an important role in every day sentences. Let’s find out how and when to use it. At the end of this article you will find a quiz on the Y pronoun in French → OK take me to the Quiz!

  4. Mar 06, 2022 · 3) Y is used with expressions There are a lot of French expressions with "y". Here, we will cover the most common ones. J'y vais (I'm going there) On y va! (Let's go!) Allons-y! (Let's go!) Ça y est (All done, that's it) J'y suis (I'm here) 5 Useful Expressions with "y" 5 Useful expressions with "Y" in French Watch on

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