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    What is y in French and how to use it?

    How do the French pronouns “y” and “en” work?

    Is Y A pronoun?

    How do I master y in French?

  2. Dec 14, 2020 · The pronoun “y” can be used to replace the word “there”. When people are talking to each other, they may talk about a location. Instead of repeating the location, people will just say “there”, or in this case “y”. I have highlighted both the location and y in blue, so you can see how to use y in French. Je vais à l’école. – J’y vais.

  3. Nov 08, 2019 · Il y a de la neige (There is snow) 5. Used in Affirmative Imperatives In a positive imperative statement ‘y’ is placed after the verb. Don’t forget to add the hyphen between the verb and ‘y’. Example: Retournez – y! (Return there!) And there you have it, everything there is to know on the ‘y’ pronoun.

    • The French Pronoun Y Replaces A place.
    • The French Pronoun Y Also Replaces A Thing
    • How to Translate “Il Y A”?
    • How to Pronounce “Il Y A” in French?
    • “Il Y A” Pronunciation Recap

    A place is introduced by a preposition of place which can be “à” but also “sur, sous, en, au, aux…”: 1. Je vais à Paris = j’y vais I’m going to Paris = I’m going there 2. Je vais en France = j’y vais I’m going to France = I’m going there 3. Je vais au Japon = j’y vais I’m going to Japan = I’m going there When you study this, the key is to know well...

    The French Pronoun Y also Replaces a thing (never a person) introduced by “à, au, aux, à l’, à la” 1. Je pense à mon travail = j’y pense (y replacing “à mon travail”) I’m thinking about my work = I’m thinking about it 2. Je réfléchis aux problèmes internationaux – j’y réfléchis (y replacing “aux problèmes internationaux) I’m pondering the internati...

    The French expression “il y a” is very common. “Il y a” means there is, there are, it’s also used to translate the notion of “ago” in French, and it’s part of many French expression, especially to talk about the weather.

    “Il y a” is probably the common French expression where the everyday French pronunciationversus overly enunciated pronunciation – often featured in French methods – is the most blatant. And this modern way of speaking French often comes to a shock to poor students of French who were never prepared for that! So let’s study how you may have learned t...

    So let’s compare the sounds: from the most overly enunciated to the most common spoken form of “il y a”: 1. eel ee ya 2. eelya– the one you should memorize 3. ee ya 4. ya– very common in spoken French: you need to understand it! To train on the pronunciation of “il y a” in spoken French, check out my unique downloadable French audiobooks, featuring...

  4. Mar 06, 2022 · 3 Different uses of "y" 1) Y replaces a place It is usually introduced by a preposition of a place such as "à", "dans, "sur", etc. Let's look at these examples: Je vais à Montréal. (I'm going to Montreal.) J' y vais. (I'm going there.) Elle reste dans sa chambre. (She is staying in her bedroom.) Elle y reste. (She is staying there.)

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