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  1. How does an admiral and a rear admiral differ? - Quora

    Rear admiral is a Naval rank and a naval commissioned officer. It is equivalent to Air Vice Marshal of air force and Major General of army. And a rear admiral is equivalent to an Inspector General of Indian coast Guard.

  2. Coast Guard Officer Ranks -

    Rear Admiral (RADM): During peacetime, the highest rank a United States Coast Guard Officer can obtain is that of Rear Admiral. Rear Admirals command ship fleets and air squadrons and typically, there are fewer than 40 Rear Admirals at a time in the entire Coast Guard.

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  3. Navy - Wikipedia

    Admiral of the Fleet (Commonwealth) / Fleet Admiral (USA) / Grand Admiral "Flag officers" include any rank that includes the word "admiral" (or commodore in services other than the US Navy), and are generally in command of a battle group , strike group or similar flotilla of ships, rather than a single ship or aspect of a ship.

  4. Royal Navy officer rank insignia — Wikipedia Republished ...

    In 1891 the admiral of the fleet changed to a crown above two crossed batons within a wreath, similar to the badge of a field marshal. Also in 1891 shoulder-straps were introduced for use on white uniforms and on the greatcoat, and more recently in "shirt sleeve order".

  5. Title - Wikipedia

    Admiral (from which come Grand Admiral, Fleet Admiral, Lord High Admiral, Rear Admiral, and Vice Admiral) Brigadier; Captain (from which comes Group Captain) Colonel (from which comes Lieutenant Colonel) Commander (from which come Commander-in-Chief, Lieutenant Commander, and Wing Commander) Commodore (from which comes Air Commodore)

  6. History of the flags of Romania - Wikipedia

    The vice admiral's flag did not have the anchors, while the rear admiral's standard had just one star on the blue stripe. Naval captains and commanders had a longer red stripe on their standard, ending in an angle pointing inward; the ratio was about 11:13.

  7. The Royal Navy in the 19th century? | Yahoo Answers

    Oct 14, 2008 · This was a transitional period for the Navy. Most ships had sails and were made out of wood, but also had steam engines, rifled gun barrels, and advanced designs that looked nothing like the old tall ships of the Napoleonic Wars.

  8. Why did Trump try to block the US Navy by naming an ... - Quora

    I am not sure I understand the question, “block?” It's a proud traditional honor for any citizen to be named on a capital ship, that honor usually goes to our Presidents, military heros, and prominent Citizens.

  9. Have The Daily Mail just published a homophobic attack on a ...

    Jul 30, 2017 · Meet the the tweeting trans friendly admiral’: “Rear Admiral Burton’s official photograph makes him look like one of those gay Dutch policemen played by Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse. Further down his Twitter feed is another picture of him posing in a U.S. carrier strike force baseball cap outside somewhere called ‘Bonaventure House’.

  10. Justice League official "Zack Snyder" cut on HBO Max | Page ...

    As noted before, the second he does that, then one would ask why he does not apply that time-reversal power where it really counts (for real world examples in 1978, that could apply to the crash of Air India 855, Moro's kidnapping and murder by the Red Brigade, the mass murders at Jonestown, including Leo Ryan's assassination, etc.).

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