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  1. Sep 17, 2021 · To assist stakeholders in monitoring the reported crime and arrest activity in the 20 GIVE jurisdictions, the Crime, Arrest and Firearm Activity Report includes crime and arrest statistics for the following jurisdictions: Due to GIVE’s focus on reducing shootings and firearm-related homicides within New York State, DCJS is also tracking ...

  2. Sep 14, 2021 · The violent crime rate, as measured by the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reports (UCR), followed exactly the same shape— only delayed by a little more than 20 years. The intriguing possibility is that early-childhood lead exposure drove the increase and the decrease in crime as the children affected by these changes became adults.

  3. Sep 16, 2021 · New York State's Prevention Agenda 2019-2024: New York State's Health Improvement Plan The Prevention Agenda 2019-24 is the blueprint for state and local action to improve the health of New Yorkers in five priority areas and to reduce health disparities for racial, ethnic, disability, socioeconomic and other groups who experience them ...

  4. 3 days ago · The New York City Subway is a rapid transit system owned by the City of New York and leased to the New York City Transit Authority, an affiliate agency of the state-run Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA). Opened on October 27, 1904, the New York City Subway is one of the world's oldest public transit systems, one of the most-used, and ...

    • 5,580,845 (weekdays, 2017), 3,156,673 (Saturdays, 2017), 2,525,481 (Sundays, 2017)
    • 472 (MTA total count), 424 unique stations (when compared to international standards), 14 planned
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    Sep 13, 2021 · Slum crime rate correlates with insufficient law enforcement and inadequate public policing. In main cities of developing countries, law enforcement lags behind urban growth and slum expansion. Often police can not reduce crime because, due to ineffective city planning and governance, slums set inefficient crime prevention system.

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    4 days ago · Brown sponsored nearly two dozen crime initiatives to reduce the crime rate, although crime decreased by 13 percent overall, the city still suffered a "57 percent spike in homicides his final year in office, to 148 overall".

  7. Sep 15, 2021 · To deter crimes, stiff sentences are often necessary. Deterrence works: Virginia has a violent crime rate less than half Maryland's crime rate (200 per 100,000 vs. 468.7 per 100,000) even though the two states are similar in many ways -- both quite prosperous by national standards -- and Maryland is even more affluent.

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