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  1. Alcatraz - Prison, Location & Al Capone - HISTORY
    • Early Years as a Military Prison. In 1775, Spanish explorer Juan Manuel de Ayala (1745-97) mapped and named rugged Alcatraz Island, christening it La Isla de los Alcatraces, or Island of the Pelicans, due to its large population of sea birds.
    • Doing Time as a Federal Prison: 1934-63. In 1933, the Army relinquished Alcatraz to the U.S. Justice Department, which wanted a federal prison that could house a criminal population too difficult or dangerous to be handled by other U.S. penitentiaries.
    • Famous Inmates. Among those who did time at The Rock was the notorious Prohibition-era gangster Al “Scarface” Capone, who spent four-and-a-half years there during the 1930s.
    • Escape Attempts from Alcatraz. Over the years, there were 14 known attempts to escape from Alcatraz, involving 36 inmates. The Federal Bureau of Prisons reports that of these would-be escapees, 23 were captured, six were shot and killed during their attempted getaways, two drowned and five went missing and were presumed drowned.
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  3. Alcatraz Island - Wikipedia

    Because of its isolation from the outside by the cold, strong, tremendous currents of the waters of San Francisco Bay, Alcatraz was used to house soldiers who were guilty of crimes as early as 1859. By 1861, the fort was the military prison for the Department of the Pacific and housed Civil War prisoners of war (POWs) as early as that year.

    • 1934; 87 years ago
    • San Francisco, California
  4. U.S. Penitentiary Alcatraz - Alcatraz Island (U.S. National ...

    Aug 04, 2020 · Classified as a concentration model, where difficult-to-manage prisoners from other institutions would be concentrated under one roof, Alcatraz served as an experiment. Segregation on this scale had not before been practiced, and only time would indicate its success or failure.

    • Alcatraz Island Golden Gate National Recreation Area B201 Fort Mason, San Francisco, 94123
  5. The Surprising Perks Alcatraz Had That Other Prisons Didn't

    Oct 30, 2020 · Alcatraz had one luxury that most other prisons lacked: "reasonably hot" showers. Even though showers weren't private, and had to be quick, they were at least not frigid. It's suspected that this unusually generous gesture was merely an attempt to prevent prisoners from getting acclimated to the cold water of the Bay.

  6. Battle of Alcatraz - Wikipedia

    Alcatraz was a maximum high-security federal prison located on Alcatraz Island in the San Francisco bay. It operated from 1934 to 1963, and had a reputation for being impossible to escape from. As a result, it housed some of the most notorious and high-profile prisoners, in particular ones who had a history of escape attempts.

    • Escape attempt failed
  7. Fort Alcatraz - Wikipedia

    Fort Alcatraz was a United States Army coastal fortification on Alcatraz Island near the mouth of San Francisco Bay in California, part of the Third System of fixed fortifications, although very different from most other Third System works. Initially completed in 1859, it was also used for mustering and training recruits and new units for the Civil War from 1861 and began secondary use as a long-term military prison in 1868. Major improvements, needed because of changes in artillery, began in th

  8. Alcatraz Gang - Wikipedia

    These prisoners were held in solitary confinement from 25 October 1967 to 9 December 1969 at a special facility (dubbed "Alcatraz" by Commander Stockdale) in a courtyard behind the North Vietnamese Ministry of National Defense, about a mile away from Hỏa Lò Prison ("Hanoi Hilton"-named by Lieutenant Commander Schumaker, the earliest captured prisoner among the eleven).

  9. 10 Facts About Alcatraz | Mental Floss
    • Alcatraz was a military outpost in the 1850s. Described by Spanish explorer Juan Manuel de Ayala in 1775, Alcatraz Island is the Americanized name of Isla de los Alcatraces (Island of the Pelicans).
    • Alcatraz inmates were forced to build their own prison.
    • Life at Alcatraz wasn't always so bad. Known as the “Rock,” Alcatraz developed a reputation for segregating America’s incorrigibles from the rest of the population.
    • Odds of escaping Alcatraz were slim. Many know the story of Frank Morris, John Anglin, and Clarence Anglin, who famously attempted to escape the prison island in 1962 using a raft made out of raincoats.
  10. Alcatraz closes its doors - HISTORY

    Mar 19, 2020 · Alcatraz remains an icon of American prisons for its harsh conditions and record for being inescapable. The twelve-acre rocky island, one and a half miles from San Francisco, featured the most...

  11. May 02, 2019 · By comparison with Alcatraz prison, life was soft in Atlanta. The routine was not so deadly, and the men had a chance to make a few dollars in the mills with which to buy candy and cigarettes.

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