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  1. Phrygian: language of the ancient Phrygians. Very likely, but not certainly, a sister group to Hellenic. Sicel: an ancient language spoken by the Sicels (Greek Sikeloi, Latin Siculi), one of the three indigenous (i.e. pre-Greek and pre-Punic) tribes of Sicily. Proposed relationship to Latin or proto-Illyrian (Pre-Indo-European) at an earlier stage.

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    The Iranologist János Harmatta had however criticised the proposal of Massagetai 's derivation from masyaka-ta, meaning "fish-eating (men)," as being semantically and phonologically unacceptable, and instead suggested that the name might be derived from an early Bactrian language name Maššagatā, from an earlier Mašyagatā related to the ...

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