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  1. 1 day ago · The Anatolian languages are the first Indo-European language family to have split off from the main group. Due to the archaic elements preserved in the Anatolian languages, they may be a "cousin" of Proto-Indo-European, instead of a "daughter", but Anatolian is generally regarded as an early offshoot of the Indo-European language group.

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    Do language-tree divergence times support the Anatolian theory of Indo-European origin?

    When did the Proto-Indo-European language begin?

    Was the Maykop language ancestral to Indo-European?

    What is the Anatolian hypothesis of the origin of Europe?

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    1 day ago · The symbol of Ynglism as a body of religious believers (church). It represents Yngly, the fiery radiance, word and action of the supreme God begetting and ordering the universe, as the spinning astral images of the northern culmen of the sky ( Iriy or Svarga, "Heaven"). Part of a series on. Slavic Native Faith.

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