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    • What language did the Phrygians speak?

      • Thus, they concluded that the Phrygians were an older people than the Egyptians, and that Phrygian was the original language of men. In Greek sources they first appear in Homers Iliad, who mentions them as the allies of the Trojans that came from Ascania (Bithynia).
  1. An alternative theory, suggested by Eric P. Hamp, is that Phrygian was most closely related to Italo-Celtic languages. [23] [24] Inscriptions [ edit] The Phrygian epigraphical material is divided into two distinct subcorpora, Old Phrygian and New Phrygian.

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    In historical linguistics, Italo-Celtic is a hypothetical grouping of the Italic and Celtic branches of the Indo-European language family on the basis of features shared by these two branches and no others. There is controversy about the causes of these similarities.

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  4. Phrygian language, ancient Indo-European language of west-central Anatolia. Textual evidence for Phrygian falls into two distinct groups. Old Phrygian texts date from the 8th to 3rd centuries bce and are written in an alphabet related to but different from that of Greek. The majority of those that can be understood are cultic in nature. Most were found at established Phrygian sites such as ...

  5. The Phrygian language. Phrygian is one of the oldest and least attested Indo-European languages. It is far from being completely understood and decipherment is still in progress. Unlike other poorly attested languages, Phrygian has written records in the Phrygian and later the Greek alphabet.

  6. Jan 06, 2021 · Phrygian Phrygian was an Indo-European language related to Dacian and Thracian and belonging to the Paleo-Balkan branch of languages. It was spoken in Central Asia Minor until about the 5th century AD. The earliest known inscriptions in Phyrgian date from the 8th century BC and were written in an alphabet derived from Phoenician.

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