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  1. Jan 21, 2017 · A goddess of ecstatic and chthonic reproductive mysteries, Cybele was the primary mother goddess of ancient Anatolia, and Phrygia's only known goddess thus far. She was a "Mistress of Animals", "Great Mother" and "Mother of the Mountain" and it appears that Cybele was adopted by the Greeks in Asia Minor (modern day Turkey), and then adapted as ...

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  3. Phrygian definition, of or relating to Phrygia, its people, or their language. See more.

  4. Phrygian synonyms, Phrygian pronunciation, Phrygian translation, English dictionary definition of Phrygian. adj. Of or relating to Phrygia or its people, language, or culture. n.

  5. Phrygian art can be divided into three categories: Local Phrygian ware; Urartu import ware; Assyrian import ware. These groups are again divided into two major phases consisting of artifacts found in mounds dating before 695 BC. The pottery of the Phrygian period was fine polychrome ware, which can be distinguished basically as early and late ware.

  6. Among the most important are those from Gordion, especially the largest and richest Phrygian burial (over 50 meters in height, 300 meters in diameter), called “Midas Mound” (MM). It was probably built by Midas for his predecessor and contains a large quantity of Phrygian objects along with imported goods probably from northern Syria.

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