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    In cooperation with WikiProject Outlines and WikiProject Indexes, make a comprehensive navigation system of Wikipedia that lists every page in the encyclopedia.
    Make all lists titled "List of " conform to the standards of Featured list criteria
    Check through Wikipedia:WikiProject Deletion sorting/Lists
    Disperse Category:Listsinto their proper subcategories

    The project covers most articles that are (or contain) lists. The lists that are intended as navigation aids are covered by WikiProject Outlines and WikiProject Indexes.

    List-friendly search results enhancements

    1. SearchSuite.jsprovides menu items to modify your search results. Some of the features include sort, hide details (listify), and even format your search results for easy copying and pasting into lists, with a click of your mouse. And more.

    The assessment department gives details of our Quality and Importance statistics. This project will use only FL, List, and Stub for articles. Quality Classes such as Image, Template, Portal, Disambiguation, Category and Project will only be included in order to conform with the predefined Wikipedia:Namespace. Currently, this project uses the Versio...

    Search google for intitle:list or intitle:comparison, to pull up thousands of examples of Wikipedia lists and comparison tables. See also Wikipedia:Contents.

    New articles

    A list of recently created list articles can be found at User:AlexNewArtBot/ListsSearchResult. This list is updated daily. When reviewing new articles, be sure to perform the following tasks, where appropriate: 1. Tag the talk page with {{WikiProject Lists}} 2. Add the article to the appropriate list category 3. Tag incomplete lists with {{expand list}} or {{dynamic list}} 4. Nominate interesting articles at Did you know?

    Article alerts

    Did you know 1. 27 Aug 2022 – List of National Football League career punting yards leaders (talk · edit · hist) was nominated for DYK by Soulbust (t · c); see discussion 2. 20 Aug 2022 – List of Philippine submissions for the Academy Award for Best International Feature Film (talk · edit · hist) was nominated for DYK by Pseud 14 (t · c); see discussion Articles for deletion 1. 28 Aug 2022 – List of Encanto characters (talk · edit · hist) was AfDed by InfiniteNexus (t · c); see discussion (5...

    Because of Wikipedia's role as an almanac and a gazetteer as well as an encyclopedia, it contains a large number of lists. Some lists, such as the list of U.S. state birds, are typically complete and unlikely to change for a long time. Some lists, however, cannot be considered complete, or even representative of the class of items being listed; suc...

    A list of participants can be found at Category:WikiProject Lists participants. To add yourself to the project add the following to your userpage: [[Category:WikiProject Lists participants|{{subst:PAGENAME}}]] Or, if you wish to use the userbox, add {{User WPLISTS}} or {{User WP Lists}} to your user page instead as it includes the above wikicode.

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    In the June 27 - July 1 sprint, Shawn and Jonathan presented a picture of new user participation in a set of large, popular wikiprojects. We discovered that the overall frequency with which new users joined these projects was lower than we expected overall (on the order of <10 newbies joining each project every year, in recent years). However, we also discovered that over time there seemed to be a slight increasein the proportion of joiners to these projects who were newbies.

    Overview: Current Research

    We decided we wanted to get a better sense of new user participation in Wikiprojects, as well as overall Wikiproject activity. We have created a set of database tables that list various activity metrics for WikiProjects (e.g. # pf joiners, pages claimed, and Wikiproject page activity). We use these tables to track how Wikiproject participation overall has changed over time. This may give researchers and community members a better sense of whether wikiprojects as a whole are still proving to b...

    Motivation: Why study Wikiprojects?

    Knowing Wikiprojects offer one of the best opportunities for new users to log facetime on the front lines with veterans, and learn from them. Learning about the small minority of newbies who participate in Wikiprojects early on in their careers will give us important insights into not only what kind of mentorship is happening in these projects, but also what kind of work newbies do in these Wikiprojects. If wikiprojects offer newbies a better way of learning while contributing in a meaningful...

    Wikiproject Datasets: Activity, Membership and Scope

    We created a set of MySQL database tables which can be used to evaluate Wikiprojects across a variety of features and factors. These tables will allow us to perform a variety of analyses, create compelling visualizations, and provide more robust sampling criteria for further qualitative analysis. We will also publish the queries and scripts used to compile these tables from the basic slave tables, so that they can be recompiled in future and potentially used to power WikiProject:Pulse or othe...

    Interviews: Editor Experience and Design Requirements

    We have conducted interviews with subject matter experts (esp. people currently involved in Wikiprojects as creators, admins and regular members) to get a better sense of the current status of Wikiprojects as communities and persistent collaborations on the English language Wikipedia. Our first interview (on July 27) was with Maggie Dennis--WMF Community Liaison and active member of Wikiproject Albums. (interview questions below). We subsequently interviewed 11 (as of August 30) other Wikipro...

    Top Lists

    Our new data tables allow us to analyze Wikiproject activities according to a variety of measures that were previously difficult to get at and/or combine. This lets us see which Wikiprojects are running full speed ahead, and which ones seem to have slowed or may be struggling to find new members, coordinate project activities or track their work. The lists below present data on the activities on the currently active Wikiprojects. Unless otherwise specified, all data are for the time period of...

    Decline in Wikiproject membership

    The decline in Wikiproject membership roughly matches the decline in Wikipedia membership as a whole, with a substantial decline between 2007 peak and mid-2009, and a more level (but still apparent) decline since then. The large spike in June 2009 seems to be due to an organic but transient increase in the number of Wikipedians joining Wikiprojects with Wikiproject Turkey (70 new members) and Wikiproject Songs (66 new members) leading the pack. The large spike in December 2010 was due to a la...

    Interview Results, Part 1: Requirements for Wikiproject Pulse

    Based on the results of 11 interviews with Wikiproject members, here are a set of requirements for the creation of an integrated tool that provides metrics about Wikiproject activity. Some of these recommendations may also be useful for considering other interface improvements that help editors create, maintain, and join Wikiprojects. Possible challenges of implementation, as well as some additional thoughts and considerations, are listed at the end. General Design Rationale 1. a tool for bot...

    Here at summer's end, the future of this project is uncertain. We believe that WikiProjects are still important for Wikipedia in 2011. In fact, given that the community and the Foundation are currently seeking ways to a) draw in new productive contributors, and b) focus on quality over quantity, WikiProjects might be even more important now than ev...

    Research from previous sprintsshows that new users don't have a lot of opportunities to interact positively with veteran Wikipedians. However, Wikiproject participants form close-knit groups of people at all levels of editorship who have shared interests, so they should provide ideal sites for this kind of interaction. This sprint follows up on pre...

  3. one of the new user's first 100 edits was to the member list page of one of a set of active Wikiprojects (see list below) Since there is no one perfect metric for identifying how 'active' a Wikiproject is, these Wikiprojects were selected based the following proxy for activity: cumulative edits to the main project page (and highly active sub ...

  4. Currently, when a WikiProject is renamed, all the "WikiProjectCards" associated with that project have to be moved as well, or else a membership list is generated under the old project name. This is very tedious, especially for WikiProjects with many members, and it makes it almost impossible for WikiProjects to be renamed (unless I am around).

  5. Contents. Journals cited by Wikipedia (or JCW) is a bot -generated compilation of academic journals cited on Wikipedia, at least those cited using the |journal= parameter of the various { { cite xxx }} templates of Wikipedia. The current version of the compilation was generated using the database dump of 20 July 2022.

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