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  1. Music staff paper (12 per page) Use this blank staff paper template for your music instruction or composition. This blank music sheet template has 12 plain music staffs per page. You can easily print this staff paper template to create blank music sheets for all of your instruments.

  2. A normal staff has 5 horizontal parallel lines, spaced evenly, that run across the page. In between these 5 lines are 4 spaces. These spaces aren’t just useless, empty areas; they’re just as much an important part of the staff as the lines. So this is the basic working area we have when writing music.

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  4. In music intended for organ with pedalboard, a grand staff normally comprises three staves, one for each hand on the manuals and one for the feet on the pedalboard. A simple grand staff. Each of the staves shown above has seven notes and one rest.

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    In a close score, all voice parts are represented on the two major staffs (treble and bass staffs). Scores from the Baroque period (1600–1750) are very often in the form of a bass line in the bass clef and the melodies played by instrument or sung on an upper stave (or staves) in the treble clef.

  6. The size of staff paper can vary greatly depending on one’s purposes. For simple theory exercises or to jot down musical ideas, a notebook or music pad could be just the thing. Standard paper sizes like letter or A4 are good for many purposes, including lead sheets and all-purpose music needs.

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    A staff can have as many as 100 staff lines, or you can create a staff with no lines. In the ScoreManager, select the instrument you want to change. From the Staff dropdown menu menu, choose Other. The Staff Setup dialog box appears. Select Custom Staff. Select the number and position of the staff lines. Click the handles to hide or show staff ...

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