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  1. A day after 230 whales were found stranded on the wild and remote west coast of Australia’s island state of Tasmania, only 35 are still alive despite rescue efforts that were to continue Thursday

  2. Aug 18, 2022 · Finally, WotC has simply failed to introduce fun new mechanics to 5e to the point that the game has started to collapse under the weight of its own simplicity. New subclasses, new races, and new spells have all started to look and feel the same simply because they are running out of mechanics with which to engage with.

  3. From airships and zeppelins to Slinkys and yo-yos, easily research the history of any famous invention with A-to-Z lists, timelines, and historical essays.

  4. Latest News: Get business latest news, breaking news, latest updates, live news, top headlines, latest finance news, breaking business news, top news of the day and more at Business Standard.

  5. Aug 01, 2022 · For 30 days, employees track how many days they ran at least 1 mile. The winner at the end of the month gets a prize. Employee Wellness Idea #36 - The Mile-a-Day Challenge Click To Tweet . 37. The 7 Hours of Sleep Challenge. For 30 days, employees track how many nights they slept at least 7 hours. The winner at the end of the month gets a prize ...

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  7. Aug 31, 2022 · What we do is we bought many of their reusable bags. They are massive. We just keep ‘em in the car and load them up outside. Started the practice due to covid and figured it was easier that way. We also use the same bags for all groceries as the stores since they removed bags in my area.