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    • More than 1 Billion Hours of YouTube Video Is Played Daily. It seems like a huge amount, but it’s true— 1 billion hours of YouTube video is watched daily, according to YouTube statistics.
    • YouTube Is the World’s Second-Most Visited Website. Since Google has owned YouTube since 2016, Google officially owns both the #1 and #2 most-visited websites on a global scale.
    • YouTube Is Also the World’s Second-Most Used Social Media Platform. YouTube still hasn’t quite edged out Facebook, the most used social media network around the globe.
    • Social Issue Videos Surged in June. Since more and more people are actively using social media, it has become a considerable reflection of society and the most significant social issue.
  1. May 04, 2022 · Zoom generated $4 billion revenue in 2021, a 53% increase year-on-year Zoom was one of the fastest growing apps of the pandemic; meeting participants increased by 2900% It has 191,000 enterprise customers as of February 2022 Zoom’s valuation exceeded $100 billion during the pandemic, a 383% increase on its value in January 2020.

    • Mansoor Iqbal
    • San Jose, California
    • Public (NASDAQ: ZM)
    • 15 January 2013
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  3. Apr 28, 2022 · YouTube, Web site for sharing videos. It was registered on February 14, 2005, by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim, three former employees of the American e-commerce company PayPal. They had the idea that ordinary people would enjoy sharing their “home videos.” The company is headquartered in San Bruno, California. Steve Chen and Chad Hurley

  4. May 02, 2022 · Note: The meeting durations for paid users only apply to users assigned a paid license or using Webinar licenses (for webinars, panelists are treated the same as participants, however, attendees do not affect time duration). Users with basic (free) licenses on Pro, Business, or Education accounts are limited to the free license meeting durations.

  5. May 11, 2022 · I cannot update my Zoom Room or VDI client myself. How can I have my Zoom Room or VDI client updated? Zoom Rooms and VDI clients can only be updated by account admins. Admins can remotely update the Zoom Room software through the Zoom web portal, while the VDI client is deployed through your VDI environment.

  6. May 05, 2022 · The admin can allow users to add their own virtual backgrounds or restrict them to just what admins have provided. Enable the virtual background feature in Account Settings or Group Settings. Click Manage virtual background . Click Choose Files or drag and drop the images you want to upload. Wait for the upload to finish before closing this window.