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  1. The lives of multiple characters changed during season two, including that of Whitney Fordman, who left Smallville in season one. Whitney would return in season two's "Visage", when the creative team decided to combine two of their favorite characters from season one: the series regular Whitney Fordman, and Tina Greer, the shape shifting ...

  2. Lois, you're a great reporter all on your own. You don't need a hero or some gimmick to make a headline.The Blur Lois Joanne Lane is a renowned reporter working for the , Clark Kent's wife, and the bold outspoken cousin of Chloe Sullivan. Prior to that, she was a waitress at the Talon, campaign manager for Jonathan Kent when he ran for Kansas State Senate, chief of staff for Martha Kent as a U ...

  3. The strike also forced The CW to push back airdates on several episodes, and cost Allison Mack her directorial debut. Smallville ' s Season seven slipped in the ratings, averaging 3.7 million viewers weekly, and the series ranked as the 175th most-watched television series, out of 220, for the 2007–08 television year

  4. In the Superman 80-Page Giant 2011, Kara is seen sporting the Smallville clothing attire of the character as well. Kara Kent was targeted for death by John Corben, who was part of Toyman's Marionette Ventures. Out of all the main female characters, Kara has appeared in the least amount of episodes throughout the series.

  5. All in all, GREAT show. Some episodes are stronger than others, but that's typical. My favorites were the Pilot, Hourglass, Nicodemus, Stray, Tempest. Least favorites were Hothead, Cool, Craving, Shimmer, Crush. Even in the weaker episodes, though, the B-story makes it worth watching. The Luthors always keep you guessing!

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