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    • What kind of family does the Philippines have?

      • Extended Family in the Philippines. A big family is like an extended family, it contains Grandparents, parents, children’s, grandchildren, uncles, aunties, cousins and great-grandparents. Filipino stayed longer in their parent’s house even if they have their own family. They lived together and support each other.
  1. The Catálogo Alfabético de Apellidos is a book of surnames published in 1849. This was in response to a decree by Governor General Claveria, establishing fixed surnames to facilitate taxation and public administration. Before then, there were no naming standards and families held varying surnames, across generations.

  2. Since the 1970s, the Philippines has been exporting labour abroad, with some members engaging in paid labour abroad while many remain in their home town or village. This means that many Filipino families are spread across the world. Filipino society has widely adapted to the change in family structure.

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    In every Filipino family, there is a bilateral kinship system according to which the men and women are equals. The family names may be inherited through not only the father’s side but also the mother’s side. But even inspite of the equal social status of Philippinesmen and women, the father or the man of the family is placed at the top of the hierarchical pyramid. The father is the head of the family and is responsible for making rules, providing for the family and taking care of finances. He works with the support of his wife but is respected by all and treated as the head.

    Mothers are also given almost equal importance and respect in Filipino families. They are the main stay of the household and are care providers to the children and elders. They may be working but are also responsible for cooking and taking care of household chores. The house wives are more inclined towards day to day duties but are dependent upon their husbands to provide for the money. Mothers are respected and are the first teachers for their children.

    The children in Filipino families are born and brought up under the care of both the parents as well as many other family members like the grandparents, uncles and aunts etc. They must help parents in their tasks as they grow up and are expected to treat everyone with respect.

    The concept of joint families or big families living together in the same house isn’t uncommon. Grandparents are taken care of by their children and are responsible for caring for the grandchildren if both the parents are working. Some other family members include uncles, aunts, cousins and sometimes even distant relatives.

  4. Sep 11, 2019 · Fernandez is one of the most common Filipino surnames. As a name, Fernandez is the Spanish form of Fernando. The Filipino form of this name has a softer and slightly more romantic feel than the original form. 54. Venancio: Venancio, the Latin for hunting, is quite a familiar name in the Philippines.

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  6. Many Filipino celebrities and high-status personalities, such as actors and politicians, are often more well known by their nicknames than their actual given names. One example of this is film and television celebrity German Moreno who is more known by the nickname Kuya Germs ( kuya = elder brother).

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