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  1. During the German invasion of Poland and Western Europe (1939–1941) the Soviet Union presented a friendly stance towards Germany with Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact, a joint military parade, several German-Soviet commercial agreements and Gestapo–NKVD conferences in suppressing of resistance on the occupied territories. After 1941

  2. Fein states that 9% of the Afghan population perished under Soviet occupation (compared to 3.6% of the 1960 population of Vietnam during the U.S. war and approximately 10% of non-Jewish Poles during the Nazi occupation of Poland) and almost half were displaced, with one-third of Afghans fleeing the country.

  3. Other articles where history of Poland is discussed: Poland: The early state: The terms Poland and Poles appear for the first time in medieval chronicles of the late 10th century. The land that the Poles, a West Slavic people, came to inhabit was covered by forests with small areas under cultivation where clans grouped themselves into numerous tribes. The…

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