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  1. Write little things all over the door jambs and some of it we'll never take down. We publish Poetry and Flash Fiction (no more than 1000 words). 3-5 Poems or 3 stories (each story 1000 words or fewer). Submit here: We also publish our book reviews here on Height Chart. We occasionally accept reviews from submitters.

  2. Jun 08, 2015 · You will need a basket filled with stuffed toys of various heights and a height chart. We used a height chart from Hippo Blue. These height charts are removable and come personalised with your child’s name. Hippo Blue are currently running a promotion where all height charts are ½ price until the 21 st June 2015. They have a large range of ...

  3. By 2 years vocabulary is 250-300 words. By 3 years uses 1000 words. Minimum of 2-3 words in a sentence (e.g. Daddy go work. Still talks to self in long monologues. Talks about present events. Regular Plurals – e.g. 1 dog, 2 dogs. Articles –‘a’ and ‘the’. Progressive –ing – e.g. The boy is jumping.

  4. Unless the narrator or character has a strong reason to make a precise measurement of someone's height or an exact note of the time, it is better to write "five-foot ten" or "one o'clock." For the same reasons, in fiction you will generally write "percent" rather than "%," "dollars" rather than "$," and "inches" rather than inverted commas.

    • Building Relationships with Students
    • Accessing Prior Knowledge Through Stories
    • Identifying and Mentoring Students Leadership Potential
    • Learning by Doing
    • Reflection

    Community organizers often say that organizing" is just another word for relationship building." On the surface, you quickly can identify peoples self-interests -- such as the desire to get a better job or buy ones own home. But in order to develop power to create significant personal and social change, it is necessary to go deeper and find out wha...

    Stories can help immigrant students make connections based on their similar experiences, and help them consider alternative perspectives. Those classroom conversations involve an exchange of information, not an interview or a one-way presentation, and can result in the creation of a community of learners. By developing that type of class culture, s...

    Helping students develop leadership skills helps them become co-creators of their learning journey. Everyone in the class, including the official educator, can be a learner and a teacher. Patiently helping students develop the capacity to lead helps them create their own sense of power, which dictionaries define as the ability to act" -- both indiv...

    Its difficult for students to feel powerful if the leadership and energy only flows from the teacher. Using Saul Alinskys Iron Rule" of never doing for someone what they can do for themselves" as a guide, we can show students how to become much more than empty vessels waiting to be filled by the educators input. Community organizers describe action...

    Many of us define ourselves by our activities instead of by the outcomes of those activities. Educators, too, can fall into the trap of substituting busyness" for real progress. As T. S. Eliot once said, We had the experience, but missed the meaning." When we take time to critically review our work and search for evidence of our accomplishments (bo...

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