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  1. Buy Gold Dutch Guilder Coins | › en › gold-coins

    As coins were struck in millions (with a few exceptions) the Royal Dutch Mint’s gold coin with a face value of 10 Guilders is the most popular investment in gold bullion Guilder, bearing exquisite designs, supreme manufacturing quality and, depending on the rarity, the condition and the year of issue, a significant historic and commemorative value.

  2. Dutch 10 Guilder coins | Gold IRA Guide › dutch-10-guilder-coins

    Dutch 10 Guilder coins were all struck as legal tender in the Netherlands. Their face value was a consistent 10 Guilders. This face value is no longer valid as the Netherlands now uses the euro instead of the guilder. It is irrelevant in any case as no one would choose to spend these coins for a mere 10 Guilders.

  3. 1 GULDEN BEFORE 1922 worn: $25 US dollars catalog value average circulated: $60 well preserved: $120 fully uncirculated: $250 coins dated 1896: multiply these values by ten coins dated 1906: multiply these values by four coins dated 1910: multiply these values by two coins dated 1911: multiply these values by two 1 GULDEN AFTER 1921

  4. Dutch guilder - Wikipedia › wiki › Dutch_guilder

    The exact exchange rate, still relevant for old contracts and for exchange of the old currency for euros at the central bank, is 2.20371 Dutch guilders for 1 euro. Inverted, this gives 0.453780 euros for 1 guilder. The Dutch guilder was the de facto reserve currency in Europe in 17th and 18th centuries.

  5. Netherlands 2-1/2 Gulden KM 165 Prices & Values | NGC › price-guide › world

    Melt Value: $14.55 (4/7/2021) Diameter: 38mm. Design; Obverse: Head left. Reverse: Crowned arms divide value. Edge Lettering: GOD * ZIJ * MET * ONS * Notes; Ruler: Wilhelmina I

  6. What was a guilder worth? | Lens on Leeuwenhoek › content › what-was-guilder-worth

    This roughly corresponds to 514,670 USD today. The International Institute of Social History (IISH) has a calculator that returns different results when queried in mid-2014. 400,000 guilders (about Delft's annual budget) in 1680 has a "purchasing power" of about 4,390,000 EUR or 5,980,000 USD.

  7. Dutch Gold 10 Guilder | American Gold Exchange › gold › world-gold-coins

    Plus, they are much scarcer in the market, yet they are trading today for virtual the same price as those very popular gold coins, making them one of the best values in European and world gold. Netherlands gold 10 guilders were minted between 1818 and 1933, featuring four successive monarchs: Willem, Willem II, Willem III, and Wilhelmina.

  8. Feb 14, 2019 · Coin Highlights: Contains .1947 oz actual Gold weight. Multiples of 40 Guilders are packaged in tubes. Lesser quantities will be in protective packaging. Obverse: Depicts a bust of the reigning monarch at the time the Dutch coin was struck. Reverse: Crowned Royal arms of Holland with denomination. Minted at Dutch Royal Mint in Utrecht.

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  9. Dutch Holland coins catalog with images and values, currency ... › world › netherlands-coins

    Coin value - $12-15 . 5 gulden 1990 (1982-2001) bronze clad nickel circulation coinage 5 G 1990 / Value within horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines BEATRIX KONINGIN DER NEDERLANDEN / Head left with vertical inscription Coin value - <$1 . 5 gulden 2000 brass clad nickel commemorative coin UEFA Euro Soccer Championship in Belgium and Netherlands 2000

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