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    Jan 17, 2023 · Much is now generally used with uncountable nouns. The equivalent used with countable nouns is many. In positive contexts, much is widely avoided: I have a lot of money instead of I have much money. There are some exceptions to this, however: I have much hope for the future. A lot of these cases are emotive transitive verbs and nouns.

  2. See definition of much on adj. plenty adv. greatly, a lot noun a great deal synonyms for much Compare Synonyms enough full great heaps loads scads a lot of abundant adequate ample complete considerable copious countless endless everywhere extravagant galore generous immeasurable jam-packed lavish lotsa many mega mucho no end

  3. Synonyms for TOO MUCH: great, excellent, fine, wonderful, awesome, terrific, lovely, fantastic; Antonyms of TOO MUCH: terrible, awful, poor, pathetic, wretched, lousy, bad, vile Merriam-Webster Logo Menu Toggle

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