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  1. May 08, 2013 · He was a truly great commander and a master of the naval tactics of three hundred years ago.” – Sato Destaro (1866-1942), vice-admiral of the Japanese Navy. During the seven years conflict, Admiral Yi went through tragic events in his life, including burying his youngest son who was killed in battle. Yi wrote in his diary,

  2. Jul 25, 2018 · When Master Yi On The Movement >>> Let us begin. >>> Anger gives motivation without purpose. >>> In me, Wuju lives on. >>> Form before strength. >>> The focused mind can pierce through stone. >>> Do not let your pride blind you. >>> I will show you the path. >>> Doubt is the greatest enemy. >>> A true master is an eternal student. >>> Wuju style!

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  4. Master Yi is a difficult champion to outduel. Between his ability to outplay enemies with Alpha Strike, reduce incoming damage with Meditate, deal true damage with Wuju Style, and the bonus attack speed and immunity to slows gained by Highlander, Master Yi is a force to be reckoned with in 1x1 situations.

  5. Aug 23, 2015 · PROJECT: Master Yi Quote Compilation. 1. “You may attempt to defend yourself.” 2. “Submit or die!” 3. “Choice is your right.” 4. “Fear will not save you.” 5. “Tomorrow is no longer your concern.” 6. “Mercy is stilling a chaotic mind.” 7. “Take comfort in a clean death.” 8. “Do not trust corrupted memories.” 9 ...

  6. Yì 易 means "change" & "easy(-ness)" in Chinese, from two different Sino-Tibetan roots: *laay > Old Chinese *lek "to exchange"; & *lway > Old Chinese *lekh "easy" His honorific added with his name is also a pun on mastery. Master Yi's goggles and his sword can both be seen in the game's Mac Version trailer. Master Yi is the champion with the highest base movement speed in-game (355). Master ...

  7. I recently played a Yi game and noticed some true quotes, that i want to draw attention to: "Do not let your pride blind you." "A true master is an eternal student." I think we all know stuff like "lol gold noob, get on my level yo" (from a plat 5 0LP guy to a gold 1 guy)...

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